The Islamic War on Freedom at USC – by David Horowtiz


Today I am scheduled to speak at the University of Southern California.

Slaughter At The Polls

Virginia has spoken. Americans have had it up to the ears with the Obama juggernaut. As Karl Rove explained to O’Reilly, Obama hasn’t governed the way “he led us to expect he would.” Translation. The president is a liar — and not on trivial issues either. He led the electorate to believe he was a [...]

The Islamic War On Freedom At USC

Editor’s Note: See David Horowitz’s previous blogs on the Islamist war on Freedom at America’s colleges here, here, here, and here.
Tomorrow I am scheduled to speak at the University of Southern California. The focus of my speech will be the genocidal incitement of the prophet Mohammed that calls on Muslims to exterminate the Jews as [...]

Wake Up, America

The Totalitarians Among Us – by David Horowitz


America’s first and most fundamental freedom is under concerted attack.

The Totalitarians Among Us

This is a month in which the president of the United States has co-sponsored a UN resolution with the police state of Egypt to ban speech that defames religion; a month in which the Democratic Party has placed an amendment on a defense appropriations bill to make anti-gay speech a thought crime, [...]

Sweden in Grip of Islam

My New Book

On Monday, October 26, Regnery is publishing my new book, A Cracking of the Heart. It’s about my daughter Sarah, a remarkable human being, who died almost two years ago. This is her story, but it also the story of a father and daughter whose paths diverged (as parents’ and children’s will) and found each [...]

How the Democrats Run Congress

Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution – The Alinsky Model By David Horowitz

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When you take a hard look at what Barack Obama already has done and plans to do, you quickly realize he is not Jimmy Carter. He is not even Bill Clinton. That’s because Barack Obama, working in concert with the ultra-liberal socialists that run the Democrat party, is radically transforming America.
Right now, the [...]