The Political Equivalents of “Nigger”

This evening, Bill O’Reilly discussed the White House attack on FoxNews as a Republican mouthpiece. My friend Ron Radosh has a good blog defending Fox here, although he takes some ridiculous and baseless swipes at Glenn Beck in doing so.
O’Reilly correctly pointed out that this was a stupid strategy from a normal political point of [...]

Marc Lamont Hill’s Overrated Black People List: Michael Eric Dyson – by David Horowitz


What is exactly that makes this overpaid sociology professor America’s “preminent black intellectual”?

Marc Lamont Hill’s Overrated Black People List: Michael Eric Dyson

In a recent twitter the eminent Fox commentator Marc Lamont Hill asked his followers in exasperation,
“Am I the only one who thinks that awarding Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is ABSURD?!?!?!”
Hill coupled that with this:
“Ok, now I HAVE to to start my ‘overrated Black people’ list. A NOBEL PRIZE? REALLY?”
We [...]

Nobel Puzzle

I’ve been thinking about this Nobel Prize kerfuffle. Is it the racism of low expectations that prompted the Nobel committee to give it to someone who has accomplished nothing so that even he can’t figure out why he got, or is just their determination to further discredit a prize that is beneath contempt? The Peace [...]

Stop the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews – October 12 – 16, 2009 – by David Horowitz


Join us for a nationwide protest the week of October 12-16, 2009.

David Frum’s Got It Wrong Again (NewsReal Blog) – by David Horowitz


It was Cornel West and the Harvard Left that fired Summers — not the other way around.

David Frum’s Got It Wrong Again

Why is David Frum pretending that the Obama administration is less radical than it is? Just because an intellectual featherweight like Cornel West is unhappy with Obama’s steady march towards capitulation abroad and socialism at home doesn’t mean that this isn’t the most radical presidency in American history or that the Administration (and Congress) aren’t [...]

“The Worse the Better” (NewsReal Blog) – by David Horowitz


How David Frum misunderstands the New Left.

Stop the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews

The radical Islamic state of Iran is leading a global movement calling for a second Holocaust — the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth. The Islamic terrorist organizations Hizbollah and Hamas are calling on Muslims to destroy the Jewish state and kill the Jews in those exact words. And on campuses across the United States, [...]

Coda: Frum v. Horowitz

David Frum has a parting shot for our me in our debate. Before responding let me say that it is gratifying that we could go these three rounds without acrimony, and with a sense that we could engage these issues again down the line in a fraternal manner. That speaks to the health of the [...]