Toxic Taqiyya


Islam’s art of employing trickery and deceit to mislead unbelievers.

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Complicity With Evil


The Left’s romance with Hezbollah has deadly consequences.

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The IDF: The Moral Army


The most humane army in the world — and in human history.

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IDF Home Demolitions


The two main reasons why Israel destroys Arab homes.

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Tom Friedman: Spokesman of Anti-Israel Propaganda


Bipartisan calls for the Times columnist to recant his lies.

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An Invented People


Gingrich’s remarks about the Palestinians have been condemned by the usual suspects; but is he correct?

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The Conundrum of the Pro-Hamas Peaceniks


Progressives’ flirtation with the mass murderers of our time.

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‘They Stole Our Land’ vs. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem


The testimony of an unimpeachable source shatters Arabs’ and leftists’ favorite narrative about the Jews.

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Palestinian Refugees vs. the Arabs


The real reason Palestinian refugees have not been repatriated.

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‘Death Sentence’ Reversed on Israeli Village


Why the legal decision to demolish the community of Migron discredits Peace Now and the Israeli Supreme Court.

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