Nine Fronts in the Next War


Israel….in greater danger than ever.

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Israel vs. NATO?


What happens when the UN recognizes “Palestine” and accepts it as the 194th member of the family of nations?

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Arab Spring Becomes Winter of Discontent


Results to date: no democracy, no elections, no stability and, instead, the strengthening of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Iran.

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Shilling for Shariah


What will the United States look like if the Muslim Brotherhood succeeds in implementing its “project”?

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Jerusalem: Capital of ‘Palestine’?


The real reason Jerusalem is important to the Muslim world.

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UN 194 – Not!


Why the UN should not make “Palestine” the 194th member state.

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In Somalia – Jihad Uber Alles


Islamists’ official policy of famine.

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Why the Jews?


Why is Jew-hatred the oldest, most ubiquitous, and most virulent social pathology?

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Obama, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood


How the president is helping two of the most ruthless and radical Islamic terrorist forces in the world.

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Why Abbas Cannot Recognize Israel as a Jewish State


And why Netanyahu is right to demand that he do so.

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