Why it’s Good the Economy Crashed in 2008


Howard Bloom explains the meaning behind boom and bust — and just how deep it goes in nature.

Hot Post: Let me Know if You Find BigFoot While You’re Hunting for “Moderate Islam”

Editor’s Note: This post was first published on August 16 here. Yesterday I published a post at NewsReal Blog explaining the anti-Semitism embedded within Islam and the consequences we see today as a result. John Guardiano submitted a rebuttal. His response in a nutshell: I’m helping the enemy by agreeing that their interpretation with Islam [...]

A Dog Who Found the Master’s Leg: The 10 Most Braindead Statements In Defense of the 9/11 Mosque

As the 9/11 Mosque controversy was beginning to heat up the metaphor I conceived of to describe the Left’s predictable response was that of the teenager too scared to go “all the way.” I argued that the Left was “dry humping” Islam. That comparison seems too charitable. The level of submission now is just too [...]

Why it’s a Good Thing the Economy Crashed in 2008 – Parts 5 and 6 of NRB Dialogue with Howard Bloom

Click here for the video of part 1 of this interview. Click here for the video of parts 2 and 3 of this interview Click here for the video of part 4 of this interview. Click here for my FrontPage Magazine review of this and the author’s other books. The central narrative of Howard Bloom’s The [...]

World Net Daily’s Managing Editor David Kupelian Offers Additional Facts on Coulter Speech Cancellation

My friend David Kupelian, managing editor of World Net Daily, contacted me to set me straight about a few of the facts in my post about WND vs Ann Coulter: A couple specific points: 1, I was directly involved in the painful decision, made on principle, to drop Ann from our lineup. Publicity was not [...]

How David Frum’s Lying Pornographer Alex Knepper is Symbolic of the Blindness and Cowardice of the “Center-Right”

Frum Forum, the online blog headed by former National Review contributor and self-appointed Conservative Movement reformer David Frum, defines its mission as the “modernization and renewal of the Republican party and the conservative movement.” Who would have thought that such a “renewal” would include XXX-rated political commentary from one of Frum’s supposed star writers who [...]

Christian Radical Joseph Farah Vs Conservative Ann Coulter

By his own admission, Joseph Farah, the Editor-In-Chief of the allegedly “conservative” news giant World Net Daily, is not a conservative: I can’t even count how many times I’ve written in books and columns about why I am not a “conservative.” No matter how many times I do, I am still saddled with the label [...]

Standing up for Freedom: Highlights from Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s Speech Last Night in LA

Last night Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer spoke about their new book The Post-American Presidency at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Stacy McCain of The Other McCain, Brandon Rogers of Capitalism is Freedom and Donald Douglas of American Power were both in attendance. I got a chance to meet and talk with Donald [...]

This is Who Obama Stands With: 5 Sickening Videos of Islamic Anti-Semitism

This post was first published on Sunday here. Islam is a Jew-hating creed. The only “debate” on this point occurs between those who have educated themselves on Islam and those who have not. In October of 2003 my colleague and close friend Jamie Glazov conducted an important symposium on the subject of Islamic Anti-Semitism. Robert [...]

Best Friends Forever: Hamas Agrees with the Left on the 9/11 Mosque

The Left’s love affair with tyranny and terror continues. Yet again “progressives” find themselves sharing a bed with genocidal mass murderers. The New York Post reports on the 9/11 mosque’s newest supporter: “We have to build everywhere,” said Mahmoud al-Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas and the organization’s chief on the Gaza Strip. “In every area [...]