The Left Continues To Smear Glenn Beck & the Tea Party with its Skousen Shellgame

Christopher Hitchens’ radical assault on the Tea Party is easily debunked.

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Our Top 10 Most Popular Top 10 Lists from 2010

Sometimes an Argument Can Be Correct And Still Not Be the Best Argument to Make

Yesterday Zombie published a must-read post titled The Five Best Arguments Against Sharia in the United States. There’s truth in advertising in that headline. Zombie really does nail it.

Tucker Carlson is Correct. Animal Cruelty Should be an Execution-Worthy Offense

Tucker Carlson is making some waves with his proclamation that recently welcomed-back-into-the-fold-and-Obama-approved Vick should have been executed for his crime.

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The Top 10 Top 10s

Our Top 10 Most Popular Top 10 Lists from 2010

Victory Over the Domestic Allies of Islamic Terror in Seattle!

On Tuesday we announced a new campaign from the Freedom Center: countering a disgusting lie against Israel that was being perpetuated by an obscure leftist group. An announcement today from Seattle’s King County bus service: “Metro sells advertising to raise revenues to provide transit service. Metro’s existing policy restricts advertising that can be reasonably foreseen [...]

Melting Leftist Arguments on Contact


A new book rips the lid off the Unholy Alliance between Islamic Jihad and Utopian Socialism.

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Jamie Glazov’s New Book “Showdown with Evil” Melts Leftist Arguments on Contact

My friend and mentor Dr. Jamie Glazov has a new book out, Showdown with Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror which you can purchase here. The book is a collection of some of the best of Jamie’s interviews that he’s conducted over the years for FrontPage Magazine. I helped Jamie with the project, writing [...]

The Freedom Center’s New Campaign: Countering an Anti-Semitic Propaganda Assault on Israel in Seattle

The David Horowitz Freedom Center put out this press release today. Above is the ad we’ll be placing on Seattle buses to counter the anti-Semitic ads which were recently purchased. Radical Propaganda on Our City Streets Responding to an advertisement on municipal buses in downtown Seattle accusing Israel of war crimes, the David Horowitz Freedom [...]