Kerry’s Push to Release Palestinian Terrorists

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Amman meets US Secretary of State John Kerry

An offer Netanyahu must refuse.

West Already Courting Iran’s ‘Moderate’ Khomeinist


Meet the new “reformist” president who led a murderous crackdown on students.

The Islamic Republic Goes to the Polls


The moment of truth approaches for the West and Israel.

Showdown in Syria


Al Qaeda-linked rebels salivate as world powers contemplate drastic measures.

Israel, Syria, Iran: Mounting Tensions and Threats


War with Assad and Hezbollah imminent?

Kerry Returning to Israel for ‘Peace’ Mirages

John Kerry

The Obama administration’s obsession with reigniting negotiations.

The Talibanization of Gaza


The horrifying human rights abuses taking place in the Palestinian terror-statelet.

Kerry’s Push for Israeli ‘Auschwitz Borders’


Does approval of the Arab League’s new “peace process” proposal come from the White House?

Escalation: Iranian Drones Over Israel

A still image taken from IDF video footage shows what they say is a small unidentified aircraft shot down in a mid-air interception after it crossed into southern Israel

Netanyahu’s message to Obama: act now or we will.

Kerry’s Shocking Demand to Israel: Free Terrorists


The latest Obama-proposed path to “peace” includes freeing the murderers of women, children and the elderly.