Israel, Lone Light in a Dark Region


How Israel is so much better — and treated so much worse.

Iran’s New Defense Minister: An Anti-American Terrorist


Introducing the newest member of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear “negotiating” team.

Israel to Palestinians: Sorry, We’ll Keep Building


Instead of preparing the Jew-free state.

Kill Terrorists in Yemen, Free Them in Israel


The world according to John Kerry.

Peace Is Not at Hand


U.S., Israel bow to Palestinian blackmail.

John Kerry’s Middle East Peace Disorder

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during news conference in Amman

A Sec. of State gone wild.

Boycotting the Untermenschen


The EU’s ominous warning to Israel.

The Arab World’s Ramadan Hate-Fest

Picture 7

Another Jew-bashing TV series for the holy month.

Obama’s Israeli-Turkish Detente Goes Bust


Why the critics were right to pan Netanyahu’s apology to Islamist-controlled Turkey.

The Fight For Egypt

Protesters, who are against Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, hold a poster featuring the head of Egypt's armed forces General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in Tahrir Square in Cairo

The Brotherhood calls for protests as the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia choose sides.