Demand the PLO Ratify the Oslo Accords


If Sec. Kerry wants to reignite the peace process, here is where he should start.

Genesis of an Anti-Semitic State


Why won’t Jewish groups publicly oppose the formation of a Judenrein Palestine?

Former Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad: A Moderate?


Good riddance to another general in the war to wipe the Jewish State off the map.

10 Steps to Assess Palestinian Readiness for Peace


If Secretary Kerry is serious about jump starting negotiations, here is his necessary starting point.

How the U.S. Aids Hamas Through the Palestinian Authority


Your tax dollars at work.

The Moral Imperative to Refuse an Immoral or Illegal Military Order in Israel


What if 30,000 Israeli soldiers refused to follow orders during Sharon’s expulsion and retreat process in Gaza in 2005?

The Mystery of the Missing Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Monument


A PLO propaganda tour kicks off in Germany.

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Why Publicize What Arabs Say in Arabic?


The Israeli left-wing media’s cluelessness in their own words.

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