Global Warming Is Snowed Out

December 10, 2013 Snowstorm

The snow beat the snow-deniers.

Obama Orders Border Patrol to Offer Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

obama amnesty

Agents were told to see if any immigrants in jail would qualify for amnesty

Obama’s New Atty General: Illegal Aliens Have Right to Take American Jobs


I’m sure the millions of unemployed Americans appreciate Lynch’s belief

Ted Cruz’s Expatriate Terrorist Act is Constitutional and Necessary

ted cruz

Should a Jihadist be allowed back into the US after he pledged allegiance to ISIS?

Al Gore Wants to Spend $90 Trillion to Create World Without Cars


And just think, you’ll be able to live in a horrible futuristic nightmare.

Muslims Go Looking for Mosque, Assault Jewish Man in UK


“I’m going to go Jew-bashing. Haha,”

Can the Media Please Stop Quoting Bill Nye as a Science Expert


“I’d love to get a Ph.D, but that’s a seven- or eight-year commitment.”

The Imaginary Islamic Radical


What did ISIS do that Mohammed didn’t?

Putin Helped Fund Sierra Club and Center for American Progress


The environmental movement should come with a “Made in Moscow” label.

Hamas Supporter Congressman John Yarmuth Accuses GOP of “Subversion”


Yarmuth isn’t too patriotic to aid a Muslim terrorist group that murdered Americans.