Tony Blair Denounces Muslim Brotherhood in Speech on Islamic Terrorism

Tony Blair's Keynote Speech On The Middle East and North Africa

If this were to seriously take root, it would be a game changer…

Planned Parenthood Founder: European Women Should Stop Having Babies for 10 Years


Sanger dodges the question of what women who won’t be able to have children by then should do.

Citizens Commission on Benghazi: Obama Provided Material Support to Terrorists

Hillary Rodham Clinton

“The war in Libya was unnecessary, served no articulable U.S. national security objective”

NYC School Plan to Honor Anti-War Activist/Pedophile Leads to Student Uprising


The singer received a Presidential pardon for raping a 14-year-oid girl from Jimmy Carter.

Taliban Accidentally Blow Themselves Up w/Own Bomb… in Mosque


Maybe the spring heat or the Hashish is getting to them

Leftist Terror Leader Endorses “Pro-Jobs, Pro-Environment Progressive Democrat.”


No word on Alan Webber’s position on setting off bombs in public places

Hillary Clinton Waived Fraud Assessment for Foreign Aid to Afghan Gov


The decision was reaffirmed by Clinton in July 2010

9/11 Family Members: Feed Gitmo Terrorists to Bronx Zoo Lions


“There’s nothing left for me to say at that point if you tell me you enjoy defending terrorists.”

McCain on Waterboarding of 9/11 Planner: “Unconscionable”


“The message came back, ‘Waterboard him some more.’”

Muslim Gang Rapists in France: “The French are all Sons of Whores”

Evry crime

“They would not have touched the girl if she had been a Turk.”