State Police Sergeant says Baltimore Cops Were Told to Stand Down


‘Stand down, stand down, stand down! Back up, back up, retreat, retreat!’

Environmentalists to Plunge Manhattan into Darkness to Protect Mating Frogs

What a truly Green country looks like

The closest thing to a mating frog in Manhattan is Bloomberg

Obama Donor CEO Co-Chairing Amnesty Lobby Fires Americans, Replaces Them w/Foreigners


There were times when I didn’t hear English spoken in the hallways

Socialist Senator Running for President Complains No One is Giving Him Money


Won’t you please send him money, so he can take all your money.

Hillary Clinton has Found a Way to Make Her Terrible Logo Worse


The good news is that few people will even figure out that this is a Hillary logo.

Baltimore Mayor Pulled Cops Back: “Let Them Loot, It’s Only Property”


Coincidentally it’s not her property.

Can the Democrats Get Rid of Hillary?

Hillary Clinton

The Clintons have the Democratic Party by the throat.

Baltimore’s Mayor Calls Rioters and Looters “Misguided Young People Who Need Support”

mayor baltimore

Like Obama, Mayor Blake is making it clear that she stands with the rioters and looters.

Concern Continues Over Philosophy Professor Targeted for Criticism of Hamas


Connecticut College’s failure to protect a faculty member from threats

Hillary Clinton Bashes Cops at Forum for Mayor Who Permitted Anti-Semitic Race Riot

Maybe she can take the Marc Rich approach to reducing the prison population.