Peace With Islam in Our Time


Muslims see peace as the end of the West.

Only 1 in 4 Voters Support Obama’s Illegal Alien Amnesty


A majority of voters support legal action against Obama

Unlike Every Other Building in Ferguson, Michael Brown’s Church was Set on Fire by “White Supremacists”


The easiest thing to do is just blame whitey.

2 Out of 3 Candidates on Secretary of Defense Shortlist Don’t Want the Job


If you or someone you know would like to be the Secretary of Defense…

Obama Grubers Himself: “I Took an Action to Change the Law”

Eric Shinseki

Obama has admitted that he acted illegally

Man Too Stupid to Use Binoculars Vows Search for Moderate Islam

amir peretz

“We must establish an independent ‘Palestinian State,’ as an Israeli interest”

Muslim Ferguson Protest Organizer Wants White People to “Stand Behind Black Folk”


“Is this an anti-racist rally or a pro-segregation one?”

Peaceful Ferguson Protesters Peacefully Robbing Reporters


That is going to be one disappointed carjacker when he finds out he stole a Prius.

Trapped in Afghanistan Between Obama and the Taliban


Obama plays a cynical game with the lives of American soldiers.

MSNBC: The Word “Charging” is Racist


“This issue about charging which I find to be a racially tinged offensive word in and of itself.”