Women Oppose Negotiating w/Iran 53% to 36%

iran poll

Only 57 percent of Dems approve of Obama on Iran.

Obama Backed Iran Over Saudi Arabia in Yemen Strikes


Iran comes first.

Why Scott Walker Is Right on Immigration

scott walker

The free market is not a suicide pact.

Jeb Bush Complains Hillary Isn’t Supportive Enough of Obama’s Fast Track Trade Authority


“I know some political constituencies in my own political party don’t favor it…”

Jihadist’s Plot to Attack Paris Church Disguised as Cop Flops After Shooting Self in Leg


Our enemies aren’t geniuses.

New York Dem Gov Likes Totalitarian Communist Dictator’s Approach to Press

Treason. It runs in the family. And the party.

Nobel Prize Winner Who Cured Thousands of Africans Accused by SJWs of Racism


Schweitzer’s statue was vandalized with accusations of “Racism, Ethnocentrism and White Savior Complex”.

Scott Walker May Have Figured Out Immigration Populism


Scott Walker decided to talk past the GOP expert class

Sorry, Chimps Haven’t Been Recognized as People… Yet


The hopes and dreams of millions of chimps were dashed

Why Republicans Can’t Debate Obama


You can’t oppose what you support.