Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Them Thugs

White Social Justice Warriors calling the black mayor racist for calling the black rioters thugs.

Top Al Jazeera Employee Fired For Not Fitting Into Anti-American, Anti-Semitic Culture

osama bin laden al jazeera

“Whoever supports Israel should die a fiery death in hell,”

Obama: Why Does Everyone Keep Whining About a Few Burning Buildings?


Obama has the solution. Free the criminals.

The Face of ISIS Medicine is a Creepy Drunken Pervert


Was he able to get away with so much because no one wanted to appear Islamophobic?

Moderate Muslim Malaysia Hosts Hamas Training Camps

A Hamas supporter carries a mock Qassam rocket during a demonstration against Israel at al-Yarmouk Camp

So any murders they commit will be moderate ones.

Boston Bomber’s Wife Bought “Islam for Dummies”


No wonder she thought it was a religion of peace

Iran Seizes Cargo Ship w/34 Sailors on Board


The channel said the force had “opened fire” on the U.S. ship, which had 34 U.S. sailors aboard.

How Iran Saved Obama’s “Blame America” Foreign Policy


Now that Iran and Al Qaeda are in charge, everything will be okay.

Bad Novelist Unclear What Murdering Cartoonists has to do w/Free Speech

“A hideous crime was committed, but was it a freedom-of-speech issue?”

Hillary Fundraiser Quits Over Dark Foreign Money Cash


The rats are starting to abandon the S.S. Hillary.