Obama’s Israeli Community Organizers Never Got to Drink Their Free Beer


“When all this ends I will be unemployed.”

Al Jazeera America is Running Out of People to Fire


Al Jazeera no longer has a news network

Saudi Tries to Rape Idaho Student, Gets Released, Tries it Again


He had entered three separate dorms, each time touching the male and female occupants

Draft Biden Petition Asks: “Why Not Biden?”

Biden could be commended for “playing an important role in ending the Iraq War”.

Paul Krugman Writes About Israel, Gets Everything Wrong


What happened in the early 1990s? Don’t ask Paul Krugman.

Iran Supreme Leader’s Rep: “We Will Not Rest Until We Have Raised the Banner of Islam over the White House”


I’m sure we can trust these fine folks with nukes

France Hopes Congress Will Stop Obama from Letting Iran Get Nukes


France’s Socialist president is more hard-line on Iran than Obama

Australia Muslim Married Off 12-Year-Old Daughter Because She Hit Puberty


The imam who performed the ceremony was fined $500.

Hamas Terrorist Promised To Teach Little Boys Jihad, Raped Them Instead


“Understanding Hamas as progressive, as part of a global left, is extremely important,“

New York High School Tells Kids to Pledge Allegiance to “One Nation Under Allah.”

Who needs ISIS when you’ve got lefty educrats?