Obama Accomplishment: Africans Being Doused w/Gasoline and Set on Fire in Libya


The Jihadists on whose behalf Obama waged an illegal were murdering Africans.

Obama to Open Mega Mosque w/State Sponsor of ISIS


Cuba turned him down, but Obama is on his knees.

UN Demands Access to “Palestinian” Camp Controlled by ISIS


And then everyone had a good laugh.

Know Your Social Justice Warriors


Combining self-help with civil rights.

While Obama Appeases Iran, Iran Prosecutes US Journalist


The Iranian regime is showing its strength and the weakness of the United States.

Why Do New York Mayors Think They Can Become President?


The city has more people than some states, but the power of its mayor is limited.

Hillary Clinton Makes More p/Hour than Top 10 CEOs


Hillary Clinton doesn’t work. She gets paid for just showing up.

Can Alternative Cartoons Survive Social Justice Warriors?


I’ll give alt cartoonists some credit. They do put up a fight

Obama Caused Libyan Crisis w/Violence, Claims It Can’t Be Resolved w/Violence


Obama found out that it’s easier to break a country than it is to put it back together again.

Italian Crew Foils Libyan Boat Hijackers


The seven crew members then overpowered the Libyan gunman