If You Lose Weight, You’re Destroying the Planet


Most of the mass is breathed out as carbon dioxide and goes into thin air.

New York Times: “Let the Fires Burn Until Every City is on its Knees”


“As Ferguson burns, I hear the voice inside me chant, “Burn on…”

Mosque Vandalism Investigated as Hate Crime by FBI was Carried Out by Muslim


Samia Khan, said her brother is a devout Muslim.

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Sing: “Deck The Halls With Rows Of Dead Cops”


Remember these are peaceful protesters

Why It Doesn’t Matter Whether North Korea Hacked Sony


This isn’t a whodunit. It’s a whydidtheyreacthatway.

Obama: America “Less Racially Divided” Under My Rule


The economy is doing great. And we’re going to the moon.

New York Times Now Shilling for Paying Ransom to Al Qaeda


The official paper of treason never rests.

NYPD Officers Turn Backs to De Blasio at Police Funeral


“Here’s to Ramos! Here’s to the NYPD! And f- - de Blasio!”

Obama Getting “Spiritual Guidance” From Man Who Said All White People Are Going to Hell


Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s protege hasn’t changed a bit

New Islamic Caliphate Leads to Piles of Garbage and Hepatitis


“Schools barely function, doctors are few, and disease is on the rise.”