What is a “Contested Religious Site” Anyway?


Now that Muslims have killed people in that synagogue, it is now contested.

Obama Whines TV Won’t Preempt “The Biggest Loser” for his Sore Loser Speech


Why won’t NBC make way for the truly biggest loser?

Obama’s Illegal Alien Amnesty Will Cancel Out Every Job Created Under his Administration


67 percent of jobs created under Obama already went to immigrants.

Cokie Roberts: Dems Need Amnesty, They’ll Never Get the White Vote


“F___ white people. They don’t vote for us anyway.”

Churches Won’t Be Charged “Rain Tax” if they Preach Global Warming


If the left can’t get around the First Amendment one way, it will find another way around it.

Obama Deports American Jobs


The Democrats want to trade American jobs to illegal aliens for votes.

Jordanian Parliament Prays for “Spirits of Heroes” Who Murdered 4 Rabbis

muslims jerusalem attack

Jordan is a moderate Muslim country.

Did Gruber Videos Force Obama to Speed Up Amnesty?


It’s the biggest distraction he can currently manage that doesn’t involve starting a war.

Did Landrieu Doom Herself When She Called White People Racist?


Landrieu won just 18 percent of the white vote

Pelosi Abused Pregnant, Wounded Vet for Green Energy Cash


How dirty is the Democrat Party? This dirty.