Hillary Clinton Lies About Grandparents Being Immigrants


Hillary has a history of telling these strange lies.

Muslim Brotherhood Fan in Ohio Joined ISIS, Plotted to Kill US Soldiers

muslim brotherhood

This may be the first ‘official’ ISIS attack on the US.

Muslim “Refugees” to Europe Threw Christian Passengers Overboard

muslim interfaith

And when they are in Europe, they’ll kill more Christians and Jews

Queen of Denmark Outraged by Persecution of Jews, Calls for Opposition to Islam


“We are challenged in these years by Islam, both globally and locally”

South African Blacks Rioting Violently Against Illegal Immigrants

Maybe it’s time to start boycotting South Africa as an apartheid state… again.

Why Wasn’t Harry Reid (Senator 3) Indicted Along w/Menendez


You don’t indict Obama’s people. You do indict his political opponents.

State Dept Still Trying to Cover Up Benghazi Terror Attack


The State Department is still reluctant to use the ‘B’ word.

Should ISIS Members in the West be Allowed to Join the Terror Group?


That’s how democracy works.

The Death of the Left


What stakes are to a vampire, victory is to the left.

Iraqi Prime Minister Says Obama is on Iran’s Side in Yemen

It’s not just Israel that Obama is screwing over to aid Iran.