Only 7,000 Jews Still Left in Socialist Venezuela


It’s not just Venezuelan Jews who are leaving.

Harry Reid: Republicans Helped Russia Annex Crimea


The Senate leader “sounds completely unhinged.”

Bloomberg vs. the Koch Brothers


According to Harry Reid, some “out-of-state billionaires” are more equal than others.

American Suicide Bombing Victim Asks Obama Not to Free Terrorist Leader


“Yehonathon had the head of a screw pass fully through his right brain”

Campus “Fat Justice” Event Blames Reagan for Plight of Fat People


BMI has “direct links to a white supremacist, patriarchal, colonizing, exploitative force.”

Obama: “Ukraine Not a Zero Sum Game” Putin “Yes It Is”


“That’s the kind of thinking that should have ended with the Cold War.”

Obama Kills Tomahawk, Hellfire Missiles, Spends Millions on Green Energy


The number of Tomahawk missiles will drop to zero in 2016.

Muslim Sex-Offender Who Tried to Kidnap 4-Year-Old Girl Excused for “Cultural Differences”


Why don’t we call cultural differences what it really is? Muslim Rape Privilege.

Sharia Court Rules that Women w/o Hijab are “Sluts” and Can’t Testify


“Not wearing the hijab would affect the honesty of her testimony.”

Michelle Obama’s Hotel Too Expensive for Biden

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The Obamas never deny themselves anything at taxpayer expense,