Obama is So Committed to Net Neutrality He Appointed a Cable Lobbyist to Head the FCC


How stupid are progressives when it comes to Obama?

Shiite Jihadist Vows to Sacrifice Camel If He Can Kill Iraqi Vice President


I suspect the camel will outlive both of them.

ISIS Jihadists Now Blaming Anti-Depressants for Killing Sprees


This is why you don’t take prisoners.

Obama Funded Solar Corp Wants Federal Grant to Pay Off Federal Loan


We’re bailing out one of the richest companies in the country

ISIS Commanders Claimed to Have “Full Cooperation” w/Turkey in Kurdish Genocide


A so-called US ally is not only allied with terrorists, but is involved in genocide.

Get Ready for the Fat Discrimination Lawsuits


“Obese women are facing a major injustice in the workplace”

Al-Arabiya Chief: No Evidence Islam is Compatible w/Democracy


Sharia law codifies gender inequality and discrimination against non-Muslims.

Harvard Sex Week Denounces Islamophobia

Check your privilege

If there’s two things that go together it’s angry gay activists and Islam.

Obama Not Bothering to Consult Military About Arms Control Deal

obama wet

Who wants to hear from those guys anyway?

“I Have to Admit, as a Supporter, Obamacare was Built on a Foundation of Lies.”


“Its officials lied to all of us—Republicans, Democrats, and independents”