Prosecutor in Iran Bombing Found Dead Before Testifying Against Argentine President


The Argentinean prosecutor had accused the president of covert ties to Iran

The Only People the New York Times Cares About are Muslims


Muslims kill people. The New York Times wants Muslim experiences.

The New Republic May Have Achieved the Worst Article Ever


This doesn’t even qualify as clickbait. It’s a breakdown.

Governor Cuomo Announces Bold New Plan to Alienate 141,250 Voters


Is he really trying to court the Elizabeth Warren vote that hard?

Dems Replaced MLK with Sharpton

The Rev. Al Sharpton-  Washington, DC

Why the Party of Sharpton can’t celebrate King.

Michael Moore Calls Kyle a Coward, but had Nine Bodyguards


Moore began making up attacks against him to justify the bodyguards.

How American Sniper Almost Became an Anti-American Flick Under Spielberg


“Do these critics really mean that terrorists are not human beings? I try not to demonize them.”

While You Freeze, Remember This Was the Warmest Year on Record


99.97% of scientists agree that there’s a 38 percent chance that 2014 was possibly warmer than 2010 by an infinitesimal amount

Like Mohammed, Paris Killers Believed in Allah, Molesting Little Girls


Coulibaly had a map of Jewish schools in Paris.

France Gives Muslim Illegal Aliens Three-Course Chef’s Meals w/Imported Spices so They Feel at Home


The camp will also offer legal advice from immigration experts