Obama Says Putin is Weak, Agrees to Let Him Conquer Ukraine


Obama said the annexation of Crimea was an action taken “out of weakness.”

Syria Takes Time Out from Mass Murder to Launch Space Program


Obama told NASA’s chief that his top priority should be Muslim self-esteem.

CNN: Jewish Leaders Skeptical of Hillary for Soft on Iran Policies

hillary clinton

Anyone who falls for Hillary’s pro-Israel routine ought to stick to buying bridges.

Obama’s Facebook Strategy for Ukraine


The Twitterer-in-Chief vs. the KGB.

Muslims: Halal Lunches in School are a Constitutional Right


“I feel that serving halal food in school is our constitutional right.”

Obama Inc. Blasts Israeli Defense Minister After He Says Israel Must Deal with Iran


The Obama administration used unprecedented language to condemn the Defense Minister.

Hamas Ponders Referendum to Incorporate Gaza into Russia

lavrov hamas

If Gaza becomes Russian, it may even have nuclear weapons,

Israel’s Peace Partners Celebrate Murder of 12 Israeli Children

peace abbas

“The dead included a 2-year-old girl, five year olds and six year olds. “

In Poland, Joe Biden Still Has Trouble Telling the Truth


What message is Obama sending to Poland by dispatching a notorious liar?

President of Country that Putin Invaded in 2009 Predicted Invasion of Crimea


So what did Hillary’s State Department do with that information?