Turkish Muslims Demand Olive Tree Destruction to Aid Genocide of Jews


“In Turkey all olive trees should be uprooted within the next three years.”

Democracy Alliance Invites Warren and Biden, Not Hillary Clinton


Obama’s money boys are sending a message.

Millionaire Congresswoman Says Income Inequality is America’s Biggest Problem

speier jackie

“The biggest problem in this country isn’t Ebola or ISIS — it’s Income inequality.”

Terrorist Organization of Imaginary Nation Announces Plan to Sue History

pals protest

Or the next best thing. Sue anyone who knows history.

“Lay its Hands on Every Dollar in America”


“Under the law we have the right to do so,”

World Jewish Congress Honors Man Who Said, “If They Put Jews into Gas Chambers in the USSR, it’s Not an American Concern”


“The strategy was to prevent Israel from humiliating Egypt again.”

Obama is So Committed to Net Neutrality He Appointed a Cable Lobbyist to Head the FCC


How stupid are progressives when it comes to Obama?

Shiite Jihadist Vows to Sacrifice Camel If He Can Kill Iraqi Vice President


I suspect the camel will outlive both of them.

ISIS Jihadists Now Blaming Anti-Depressants for Killing Sprees


This is why you don’t take prisoners.

Obama Funded Solar Corp Wants Federal Grant to Pay Off Federal Loan


We’re bailing out one of the richest companies in the country