Families of Plane Crash Victims Blast Lazy De Blasio for Disrespect


“Bill de Blasio doesnt care about Hispanic people..”

Potential Dem Presidential Candiate Pardons Own Son on Drug Charge


No wonder Arkansas is turning Republican.

Bill Clinton: “I Can’t Imagine That… a President… Could Really Get Away with Murder.”


“Think of all the opportunities I’ve missed …so many people had it coming.”

Senator Mary Landrieu Desperately Trying to Save Senate Seat w/Keystone Pipeline Vote


Will Obama veto it?

ObamaCare Architect: ObamaCare Exploited “Lack of Economic Understanding of American Voter”


Finally someone is willing to tell the truth about ObamaCare.

Howard Dean: ObamaCare Created by “Elitists” Who Don’t Understand Americans


Howard Dean is opening the door to tearing down ObamaCare

ObamaCare Architect Doubles Down: “The American People are Too Stupid to Understand the Difference.”


“Taxing the companies worked because Americans didn’t understand the difference.”

Obama’s Global Warming Deal w/China Isn’t Actually Binding on China

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What did Obama promise China in exchange for that little publicity stunt?

Biden Only Misstates Number of Wounded Troops by 47,000


Joe Biden is a Patriot. He watches all their games on television.

Max Blumenthal Banned from German Parliament After Attack, Blames Jewish Conspiracy


The Vast Jewish Conspiracy doesn’t just run America, it also controls Germany.