Saudi Cleric Who Hates America and Women, Outlaws “All You Can Eat” Buffets

It's  Haram!

“Whoever enters the buffet and eats is violating Islamic law,”

Palestinian Authority President’s Representative: “Allah Will Gather Israelis So We Can Kill Them”


“I genuinely believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas,” Obama said.

Global Warming Lecture Cancelled Due to Unexpected Blizzard

Bike to work. Save the planet.

Who could have predicted that? Not a Climate Change expert.

35% of ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Beneficiaries will be Criminals


ObamaCare meets the needs of Obama’s base

Sheila Jackson Lee has No Idea Which Century America was Founded In


“400 years operating under a Constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional”

Lady Gaga’s Foundation Spent $5,000 on Charity, $150,000 on Philanthropic Consulting


$50,000 was spent on social media

Racist California Dem Encourages 9/11 Truthers


“The Vietnamese are trying to take my seat.”

The Environmentalist Eugenics of the Left


Killing for “climate change.”

Hillary Adviser Conducted Illegal Shadow Campaign


This sheds light on how Dems use minority front groups

Another Day, Another Fake Anti-Gay Hate Crime


There seem to be more fake gay hate crimes than real ones.