New VA Director Can’t Get Enough Doctors, Rejects Outside Doctors


McDonald is prioritizing the VA over veterans.

Dems Realize “War on Coal” Cost Them Coal Country


Dems decided to get rid of coal. West Virginia decided to get rid of Dems.

New Palestinian Hit Song: “Run Over the Two-Month-Old Baby”


The Muslim Brotherhood loves the song.

Obama Inc. Rejects Joint Chiefs of Staff Defense of Israel


Who is a better expert on combat… Obama, Psaki or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Four Muslims Arrested for Plotting to Behead Queen Elizabeth


Just more workplace violence.

Hillary Clinton to Begin Campaign “Listening Tour” of Political Consultants

hillary clinton old2

America is “Ready for Hillary” as soon as Hillary decides who she wants to pretend to be

New York Times: Arab Spring Led to Surge in Tunisian ISIS Members


Everyone under 30 knew someone who had traveled to fight

Get Ready to Subsidize Comcast’s ObamaCable


“One third of our city can’t get on the Internet and can’t learn whatever.”

Black Cab Drivers Accused of Being Racist Against Black Passengers


“But why not?” I asked. “You’re black as well.”

Radical Feminists “Out-Onion” the Onion


“Belongings, property, resources and land will be confiscated from men.”