The Democratic Party’s Civil War Is Here


Obama won’t just have to fight Republicans. He’ll also have to fight Democrats.

“Obama Doesn’t Think Too Much Should Be Read into Election Results”


He’ll adhere to a progressive agenda that will keep the base excited

Muslims in Atlanta Encourage Children to Mutilate Themselves w/Knives

Muslim-ceremony (1)

The knives are usually sharpened on both sides.

Harry Reid Determined to be Dem Senate Leader Until Death


It’s only a question of whether it’s his death or the death of his party.

Harry Reid: It’s Obama’s Fault!


Plenty of room under the bus

Libyan Army Evicted After Going on Rape Jihad… in the UK


Police investigated reports of 11 sexual assaults within nine days.

Django Actress Blames Racial Profiling for Lying About Racial Profiling


I’m sorry I lied about all the racism. I did it because of the racism.

Obama Aide: “He Doesn’t Feel Repudiated.”


He privately complained that it should not be a judgment on him.

Sandra Fluke Loses Election 2-1 in Liberal District


At least there’s always an MSNBC gig in her future.

The Democrats Can’t Afford to Lose Israel


Without Israel, the Democratic Party loses its Jewish appeal.