Could a Netanyahu Ad Strategy Have Worked for Romney?

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Address Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

A big crucial part of the audience is low information.

UN Human Rights Chief Praises ISIS Diversity


Diversity is a good thing. So that must mean ISIS is good…

Foreign Groups Outspent Israelis 2/1 in Israeli Election


A lot of money spent in a failed effort to steal an election.

Criticizing Hamas: the Newest Campus Hate Crime


Censoring criticism of terrorists while promoting their mass murder of Jews is the new “academic freedom.”

Obama Field Organizer Took Selfie Outside Explosion Site Where 2 Were Killed


A sociopath working for Obama? I’m just as shocked as you are.

Democrat Attacks Religious Freedom, Accuses Toddler of Racism


‘Introduce your child to some people of color so he won’t live his life as a prejudice person.’

Corrupt San Francisco and Seattle Mayors Denounce Religious Freedom, Boycott Indiana


No discrimination. Unless it’s discrimination against Christians and Jews.

Is There an Anti-Amnesty Republican Candidate in the Race?


It’s an inescapable position.

Sweden’s “Feminist Foreign Policy” Ends w/Apology to Saudi Arabia


Feminism, as usual, ends at the Muslim line.

MSNBC: “Nothing Says ‘Let’s Go Kill Some Muslims’ like Country Music”


MSNBC claims that it’s trying to move away from the far left