+1 Million Children Stopped Eating School Lunches Because of Michelle Obama


A decline in the 1.6 million students who pay full price for meals

Why the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a Joke


The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs was always a propaganda outlet for the Saudi lobby

U of Illinois Students Forced to Pay Extra for Health Care to Cover Sex Change Ops

23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards Presented By Ketel One And Wells Fargo - Backstage

Any chance they can opt out of funding someone else’s sexual fetishes just so they can get health care?

Bill de Blasio’s War on Horses and the Progressive Bubble

bill de blasio horses3

“Everybody thinks the same way, the rest of the world is stupid or wrong..”

No, the Tea Party Shouldn’t Avoid Social Issues


In 2011, the Tea Party had a favorability rating of 33 percent.

Think Progress Blogger says Center for American Progress Threatened Obama Critics


“They were doing the same thing to us RT America is telling its American producers to do now.”

How California Voters Raised the Price of Eggs Across America


If egg prices increase by 20 percent, people who face tight budgets at the grocery store will suffer.

ClintonCare Memo: “People and Businesses Will Not See a Decrease in Their Premiums”


What Hillary Clinton will be offering has the same problems as ObamaCare.

Valerie Jarrett Office Promotes ObamaCare to Muslims


With ObamaCare, you can enroll all your wives

Eugenics: Obama Budget Promotes Abortion to Protect Endangered Species


“Made available for family planning where population growth threatens endangered species.”