Is There an Anti-Amnesty Republican Candidate in the Race?


It’s an inescapable position.

Sweden’s “Feminist Foreign Policy” Ends w/Apology to Saudi Arabia


Feminism, as usual, ends at the Muslim line.

MSNBC: “Nothing Says ‘Let’s Go Kill Some Muslims’ like Country Music”


MSNBC claims that it’s trying to move away from the far left

NBC: Saudi Arabia Thinks Obama Leaking Intel to Iran


This is really where we are now.

Hillary Clinton Cover-Up, Defied Subpoena, Deleted All Emails


There’s no other way to spin this except as a deliberate cover-up.

Moderate Syrian Rebels Keep Moderately Joining ISIS


How very moderate of them.

Mission Accomplished: All US Citizens Told to Avoid Even Looking at Libya Funny


Don’t fly near Libya. Don’t sail near Libya. Don’t ask Obama what happened to Libya.

New Taliban-Appeasing Afghan Leader has Extensive Ties to Dems


“How do you tell these people that you are sorry?”

Harry Reid is Quitting Before He Can Be Fired


Harry Reid should have never gotten his final term in office.

Congressional Black Caucus Won’t Support Netanyahu Against Obama Because He Insulted Obama

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I doubt the CBC would have done it if Iran had threatened to nuke Detroit.