#JeSuisCharlie Trends on Twitter After Muslim Cartoonophobia Kills 12


They paid the price for free speech.

Featured Muslim Youth Activist for Democratic Party Gloats Over Muslim Terror Skills

zaid j

“Say what u want about muslim terrorists but at least they get the job done”

Father of Fallen Marine to Obama: “Marines Die Because You Tied Their Hands”


I am deeply saddened that you are the President of the United States

Jeb Bush: Republicans Must Respect “Rule of Law” on Gay Marriage


Do you know what else is the law of the land? ObamaCare.

ISIS Bigwig Caught w/Half a Million Dollars in Cocaine

isis cocaine

Either Abu Zahra had a habit the size of Iraq or his fighters ran on coke.

Sharpton Uses Ties to Politicians for Corporate Lobbying


Sharpton helped innovate a new institution; the racist thug/corporate lobbyist.

#BlackLivesMatters Protesters Attack Event for 100-Year-Old WW2 Vet


If you’re not black, your life doesn’t matter

Jewish Man Beaten in Berlin by Muslims Singing Anti-Semitic Songs


In the Muslim world, it’s always Berlin, 1933.

Harvard Profs Liked ObamaCare a Lot Better When it Wasn’t Being Applied to Them


Death panels are supposed to be for the little people.

The Hijabi Ex-Muslim Whose Father Punished Her by Burning Her Hand on a Stove


“Come home — or you’ll regret it,” her father recently warned her on Facebook.