Obama Undid the Camp David Accords


Obama undid the only foreign policy achievement we had in the Muslim Middle East.

Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Even Worse Than You Think

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

We can kill our way to victory.

Obama: Islam Doesn’t Kill People, People Kill People


If we call Muslim terrorists… Muslim terrorists, the terrorists win.

3 Racist Muslim Terrorist States Say Chapel Hill Shootings Were “Terrorism”

osama bin laden al jazeera

Saudi Arabia, the PLO and Qatar want to upgrade a parking dispute to terrorism

Washington Post Censors “Muslim” Identity of Stabber from Headline


Imagine if he had stabbed Muslims

Biden: Muslim Immigration Not Going to Stop

biden arafat

If Islamic immigration doesn’t stop, Islamic terror doesn’t stop.

Obama Doesn’t Want an ISIS Resolution, He Wants a Distraction


The debate that’s happening now is exactly what he wants.

Obama Appoints Terrorist Supporter to Head Up Counterterrorism Messaging


Why not just turn over the whole operation officially to the Muslim Brotherhood.

There Is No Modern Islam

ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War

ISIS is modern Islam.

Muslim Man Stabs 2 in Detroit for Being Non-Muslims


Thomas had two knives on him