Harry Reid is Quitting Before He Can Be Fired


Harry Reid should have never gotten his final term in office.

Congressional Black Caucus Won’t Support Netanyahu Against Obama Because He Insulted Obama

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I doubt the CBC would have done it if Iran had threatened to nuke Detroit.

Obama’s Chief of Staff Attended Conference with Call for Destruction of Israel

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The White House is allied with groups committed to the destruction of Israel.

Oklahoma Beheader’s Imam Tells Students Islam is Peaceful


The professor of Islamic Studies informed the audience that Muslims are not violent people.

Obama Just Made it a Lot Easier for Companies to Replace Americans w/Foreign Workers


Obama cares about the middle class. Really.

Is ObamaCare’s Rise in Diabetes Diagnoses a Medical Ripoff Scam?


“Ca$h Paid For Diabetic Strips.”

NCAA Worried Gay Players Won’t Be Able to Buy Wedding Cakes from Christian Bakeries in Indiana


How can they possibly play without the assurance that they can violate the religious freedom of Christian bakers and florists

There Is Nothing European About Muslim Violence


How European Jewry is endangered by European collaboration with Muslim anti-Semites.

Traitor Muslim National Guardsman Convert Plotted to Kill 100 Soldiers

ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War

Hasan also urged taking US soldiers prisoner and torturing them.

White House: Country Overrun by Iran and Al Qaeda is Success Story


That really tells us what Obama’s definition of what counterterrorism is