Obama Security Adviser: Iran Deal is Our ObamaCare


So it won’t work, will cost a lot of money and kill a bunch of people.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen Accuses Census Bureau of Right Wing Conspiracy


The vast right wing conspiracy is the conspiracy that keeps on giving.

Angelina Jolie Started Original “Unaccompanied Alien Minors” Program


So now we know whom to send the $4 billion bill to.

Countries that Overthrew Gaddafi Say There’s No Military Solution to Terrorist Takeover of Libya


Sanction yourselves. Sanction yourselves extra hard.

Marriage Equality: Judge Legalizes Illegal Incestuous Marriage


Marry who you love. Right?

Liberal Author: Obama Failed Because He Was Too Centrist


It’s time “liberals” stopped falling for all these centrists and raise Stalin from the dead.

ISIS May Team Up w/Obama for Ebola


Is it Islamophobia or Ebolaphobia?

Margaret Atwood Claimed Christians Want to Rape and Enslave Women, Supports Liberal Who Violently Beat Women


They’re absolutely against rape culture unless it’s being done by one of their own pals.

Muslim Caucus in Washington Says Islam Commands All Muslims to Vote in a Bloc


You can see why Democrats want more Muslim immigrants

Racist Muslim Settlers’ “Day of Rage” Against Jews in Jerusalem Fizzles When They Can’t Handle the Rain

"Yeah, I'm wearing my mother's Hijab. What about it?"

Maybe it’s time Muslims traded up to a deity that can do something about the weather