Muslim Caucus in Washington Says Islam Commands All Muslims to Vote in a Bloc


You can see why Democrats want more Muslim immigrants

Racist Muslim Settlers’ “Day of Rage” Against Jews in Jerusalem Fizzles When They Can’t Handle the Rain

"Yeah, I'm wearing my mother's Hijab. What about it?"

Maybe it’s time Muslims traded up to a deity that can do something about the weather

Pentagon: Maybe General Susan Rice Shouldn’t be Running War on ISIS

U.N. Appeals Tribunal session

“Basic decisions that should take hours are taking days”

80% of London Muslims Support ISIS


Most young Muslims in the UK support ISIS

Kerry Says Only Muslims, Not Jews, May Pray at Jewish Holy Site


Remember when the United States used to uphold religious freedom?

Obama Releasing Gitmo Jihadists Releasing Directly to ISIS


Good news for ISIS, bad news for America.

“Stop the Violence” Organizers Violently Beat Up Community Organizer


Ardeno was wearing the same “Stop the Violence” T-shirt

How Sweden Saved the Middle East by Recognizing Palestine


But who will save Sweden?

It’s Time for Israel to Recognize the Royal Republic of Ladonia


It also has elections, which is more than “Palestine” has.

Will Pre-Election Benghazi Movie Produced by Hillary Donor Tell the Truth?


The script was written by Chuck Hogan who donated to Elizabeth Warren.