Netanyahu Won by Winning the Middle Class, Left Won the Rich


Netanyahu’s Likud Party out-community organized Obama’s people and beat them on voter turnout.

Obama Traded 5 Taliban Commanders for Man Officially Charged w/Desertion


Susan Rice claimed Berghdal served “with honor and distinction,”

British Values: Halal Prostitution Comes to UK, Muslim Makes Record No. of Obscene Phone Calls


According to the Archbishop of Canterbury, “Islam is rejuvenating “British values”.

Woman Arrested for Expressing Concern Over Being Raped Under Islamic Law

Heil Allah or else...

“I will review the tweets he sent out and the police will take action.”

Malaysia Police Boss Warns Those Who Criticize Islam Will Be Killed by ISIS

Heil Allah or else...

Malaysia is a really moderate Muslim country.

Feds Give $29,000 Grant to Crazy Racist Who Claimed Internet Technology is “Inherently White and Masculine”


“Video games… contribute to the consolidation of white supremacist power.”

Obama’s Two-State Tantrum

U.S. President Obama and Israel's PM Netanyahu meet in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

Don’t trust Netanyahu, trust the Ayatollah.

Saudi Arabia’s Favorite Lawyer Warns Israel is Losing its “Democratic Character”

(FILES) A picture taken on December 30,

Let’s just flash back to September 11 and see what James Baker was doing then.

Clapping at College is the Newest Sexist and Ableist Hate Crime


Whooping is fun for some, but can be super inaccessible for others, so please try not to whoop!

Obama Puts Americans in Coastal States at Risk to Promote Global Warming

Obama at FEMA

Obama is putting millions of lives at risk to blackmail states into Warmunism.