Obama Spent More On Dinner at Snails Eatery Than Americans Make in a Week

The world's fanciest snails

At least Obama isn’t back to eating dog.

Did Islamic State Jihadists Contract Ebola in WMD Plot?


Like peanut butter and jelly, ISIS and Ebola would be good together.

Obama Releases Osama bin Laden Adviser Who Vowed to Kill Bush


“Detainee stated if they are released, they are going to exact revenge against the US.”

Wendy Davis has a Great New Plan for Winning in Texas: Gun Control


If at first you don’t succeed in winning in Texas on an abortion platform…

Sydney Muslim Siege Killer Wanted to Start “Hezbollah Australia”


He called for Islamic justice and for a caliphate with one religion.

US Relations w/Nigeria Hit New Low Under Obama


“Tensions in the U.S.-Nigeria relationship are probably at their highest level in the past decade.”

Mario Cuomo Lost His Job Because He Was Soft on Crime


The left has rediscovered Mario Cuomo

Islam Now Trying to Hijack Buddhism


If Buddha is a Muslim, then he’ll also be expected to come back and kill Buddhists

Even France’s Socialist Gov is Giving Up on Class Warfare


“My government is pro-business”.

Remembering the Pro-Israel Work of a 104-Year-Old Oscar Winning Actress


Rainer participated in the United Palestine Appeal’s Night of Stars