Occupy Wall Street Denounces “Peter Pan” for Presenting “White Experience “


“If you are watching #PeterPanLive you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

Should the United States Declare War on the Islamic State?


Congress authorized military force against Al Qaeda and its various affiliates on September 11.

Most Powerful Man in New York Pretending his Son is in Danger from the NYPD

bill de blasio

He had nothing to worry about from the NYPD even if he walked into Central Park with a bazooka

Muslim Religious Leader of Palestinian Authority Endorses Murder of Rabbis

Amin al Husseini und Adolf Hitler

“Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

The Michael Brown Protests are a Narcissistic Tantrum

garner idiots

“They can get all riled up to the extent that they need psychological help.”

1,000 New Employees Being Hired to Implement Obama’s Illegal Amnesty


Obama is hiring federal employees to carry out a directive that violates the law

Senator Landrieu is 97% for Obama, But Totally Against Him


“They have shown our president so much disrespect.”

Ted Cruz Gets It Right Again on Scott Panetti Case


“It’s important that the law be followed.”

When Black Lives Don’t Matter


The Left reveals how racist it really is.

Here are the 10 Biggest Idiots Protesting the Garner Verdict

garner idiots5

The streets are full of idiots screaming “I Can’t Breathe”.