Gaza Professor of Koran: When Fish Fight Other Fish, It’s Because of the Jews


“Even when fish fight in the sea, “the Jews are behind it.”

Obama Angry that Israel Passed U.S. Secrets to Congress


How dare Israel pass U.S. secrets… to the U.S.

“Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse Upon the Jews. Victory to… Kaboom.”


If only there were more Jews and Americans in Yemen

Obama’s Chief of Staff: 50 Years of Israeli Occupation Must End


Six years of Obama’s occupation of the White House must end.

Obama Ruined Relations w/Canada over Keystone


“U.S.-Canada relations have become unusually discordant at the top,”

Ted Cruz Presidential Announcement, Transcript and Video


Imagine millions of courageous conservatives rising up together to say in unison “we demand our liberty.”

Moderate Muslim Malaysia Wants to Stone Adulterers to Death


Are we reaching peak moderate Islam?

Trinity College Lets Muslims Advocate Murder, Censors Talk by Ex-Muslim Woman


The event would show would be “antagonising” to “Muslim students”

Left-Wing Prof Blames Netanyahu Victory on Jewish Refugees from Muslim World


“Nothing bad would have happened if your parents had stayed in Morocco and rotted there.”

The Myth of Netanyahu’s Racism

Benjamin Netanyahu

Why Netanyahu got his best numbers among Arab voters.