Remembering the Pro-Israel Work of a 104-Year-Old Oscar Winning Actress


Rainer participated in the United Palestine Appeal’s Night of Stars

“We Go Back to a Constitutional Government. And You’ll Be Selling Shoes.”


“Once it’s blown, we go back to a constitutional government. And you’ll be selling shoes.”

Why Won’t Those Whiny NYPD Cops Stop Whining About Dead Cops?


The Black Lives Matter crowd reacted to the deaths of several criminals with riots

People More Likely to Have a Bad Day in Muslim and Socialist Countries


Islam and Socialism don’t make their adherents happy.

ISIS Jihadist: Even Black Men Can Go to Heaven if They Kill Non-Muslims

muslim racism

Do you smell bad? Have no money? Kill a bunch of non-Muslims and you’ll get 72 virgins.

New York Times Decides to Remind Everyone of its Close Ties to Sony

It's that Cuban Privilege that's the problem

If the New York Times is going to run Sony articles, maybe it should acknowledge that up front.

Hillary Clinton Reminds Everyone That Jim Webb is as Bad as Her

Hillary Clinton Campaigns For Jim Webb In Virginia

There’s a reason we have that proverb about glass houses and rocks.

Obama Frees a Nuclear Terrorist


Is there any terrorist Obama won’t liberate?

Who Killed More People? David Duke or Al Sharpton?


As a Jewish person, I am more outraged that Obama has spoken at Sharpton events

Police Shooting Deaths Up 56% in 2014


Ambush attacks increased the most, from 5 last year to 15 this year.