Attorney General Holder Who Conspired on Fugitive Pardon Accuses Bush of Corruption


Holder must have decided that cooperating in the Rich matter could pay dividends later on.

Gallup CEO Says “Unemployment Rate” is White House “Big Lie”


“The official unemployment rate … amounts to a big lie.”

ObamaCare Architect Gruber Wants to Tax Americans by Weight

public domain image

Just another “common sense reform”

Farrakhan Supporter Congressman Ellison Urges Boycott of Netanyahu Speech


“Minister Farrakhan is a tireless public servant of Black people”

Obama Thought Romney’s Concession Call was Racist


“Black people. That’s what he thinks this was all about.”

North Korea Vows to Nuke US, Obama Continues Negotiating


Pyongyang has resolved “to write the last page of US history”.

Ex-Chavez Bodyguard to Testify that Venezuela’s Socialist Gov is a Drug Cartel


Diosdado Cabello is the president of Venezuela’s national assembly

The European Secular Right as Defenders of Minorities Against Islam


In Paris 26 per cent of gays supported Le Pen

Obama’s Big Fat Greek Budget


His debt is our children’s future.

The Countries Who Fight Terrorism Most Ruthlessly are… Muslim Countries


Meanwhile we’re stuck with a government that frees terrorists