Hagel to Call for Shrinking Army to Smallest Size in 75 Years


Smash the military, expand the welfare state.

Samantha Power Delivers Lecture: “The War on Truth (and what we must do to win it)”


Samantha Power is part of an administration that has been winning the War on Truth

Anti-Israel Blogger Praised by Media Goes on Crazy Racist Rant Over Pro-Israel Black Woman

richard silverstein2

Richard Silverstein: “They finally did it: found a Negro Zionist: Uncle Tom is dancin’ for joy!”

Did Crackhead New York Times Editor Help Piers Morgan Spin Firing as Voluntary?


“Carr says CNN+Morgan made decision. No, it was Zucker.”

Alec Baldwin Calls Rachel Maddow “Phony”, Blames Her for Firing


“She’s a phony who doesn’t have the same passion for the truth.”

Saudi Arabia: The Middle East’s Real Apartheid State


A country whose black population is deprived of civil rights. Where are the boycotts?

New York Times Comic Jokes About Killing Global Warming “Deniers”


It’s hilarious coming from an ideology responsible for the murder of millions

New York Times Blames Piers Morgan’s Cancellation on his “Britishness”


“Morgan’s approach to gun regulation was more akin to King George III”

Obama’s Green Energy: Electricity Prices Increased 33%, Electricity Production Fell


The U.S. is producing less electricity than it did seven years ago

Congressional Black Caucus Member Says Requiring Black Candidates to Win 50% of the Vote is Racist

clyburn racism2

Clyburn said he wants S.C. law changed so a candidate only needs 40 percent of the vote