Muslim Editor Who Called Israel Brutal Not Guilty of Stabbing Son in Liver


“We believe he would never hurt another human being.”

Michael Bloomberg is Not a Fiscal Conservative

Not photoshopped

“To me, choice, gay rights, the environment are the real issues, more important than economics”

2nd Wife of Slave-Owning Emirate Denies Islam is “Stuck in Medieval Times”


There’s nothing medieval about that. And if you disagree, they’ll chop your head off.

Dem Senators: Importing 65,000 Syrians is a “National Security Imperative”

muslim contribution to america

Democrats have a very different understanding of national security than Americans.

#BlackLivesMatter – Baltimore has Deadliest Month Since 1999


So how many black people have to die for Freddie Gray?

Pelosi: At Least We’re Beating ISIS on Twitter


Sure ISIS might be taking over entire cities, but we’re winning Twitter.

Hillary Circulated Anti-Semitic Benghazi Conspiracy Theories by Man Who Called for Destroying Israel

hillary jews

Now we know that Max Blumenthal’s views shaped Hillary Clinton’s understanding of Benghazi.

Senator Bernie Sanders Vows to Make You Poorer… for the Children


If reducing income inequality reduces economic growth, he says, that’s fine. “

Pro-Crime Policies Work: NYC Murders Up 60% Under De Blasio

de blasio

“We don’t go outside. There are just not enough cops.”

Obama’s Iraq War

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

How Obama turned Iraq into an Al Qaeda haven.