Racist Muslim Settlers Attack Black Israeli Soldier in Jerusalem


“An African Zionist soldier who came from the jungles of Africa to kill and desecrate our holy places.

CDC Gave $25 Mil in Bonuses, Had No Money for “No Exposed Skin” Ebola Guidelines


Will the Republican budget cutting madness never stop?

Did Obama Make a Deal w/Assad to Avoid Bombing ISIS Oil Fields?


The United States should not be making deals that keep money flowing to terrorists.

How the Muslim World Benefits from ISIS


Playing “Good Caliph“and “Bad Caliph.”

USA Today Blasts Racist Dallas for Killing JFK, Ebolaphobia


They’re killing Ebola just like they killed Kennedy.

State Dept Investigation: Hillary’s “Undue Influence” to Pedophile Ambassador


“A DS agent was called off a case against US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman”

CDC’s Bold New Guidelines Tell Nurses Treating Ebola to Cover Exposed Skin


If only it wasn’t for the Republican budget cuts, the CDC could have told them that months ago.

Obama: “We Can’t Just Cut Ourselves Off from West Africa”

Obama pauses as he talks next to U.S. Secretary of HHS Burwell and Director of the CDC Frieden after meeting with his team coordinating the government's Ebola response in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

His job is supposed to be running America, not West Africa.

Israeli Ministers Blast Kerry for Blaming ISIS on Jewish State


“We don’t justify terror; we fight terror.”

Jewish Girl Converts to Islam, Begins Getting Bad Grades, Plotting to Kill Parents


Five signs that your formerly Jewish daughter might be about to join ISIS