Obama Claims His Incompetence is Really “Strategic Patience”


First he golfs incessantly to make them think he’s a lightweight.

Hillary’s War: Pentagon Opposed Hillary Clinton on Regime Change in Libya


Even Obama was less eager for war than Hillary.

Obama Claimed Islam is Peaceful and Christianity Violent at Event Attended by Muslim Regime that Killed Christians


A genocidal Muslim Brotherhood leader is always welcome

Group Funded by US Running GOTV Campaign in Israel for Muslims and Leftists


Lefties spend a lot of time complaining about the “Israel Lobby”. What does one call this?

Al Gore, Al Jazeera to Fight Over $65 Million in Court

osama bin laden al jazeera

Al vs. Al

Half of Danes Want Limit to Muslim Immigration


Some will accept 10 percent.

Beat the Media, Win the White House


2016 won’t just be a race against Hillary, but against the media.

Muslim Activists Heckle Ex-Muslim Torture Survivor at Swarthmore College


As he tearfully recalled painful experiences in a military prison…

Why NBC Won’t Fire Brian Williams


NBC News has no standards.

Muslim Soldier-Stabber in France Hated Jews, Soldiers, Women, Men Showering


He had been convicted six times of everything from theft to drug offenses.