Nostalgia for a Pre-Obama Era


Do Americans really want change?

Hillary Clinton to State Dept Employees: Don’t Conduct Business from Personal Email

hillary clinton what difference does it make

Do as I say, not as I do, appears to be Hillary Clinton’s personal email motto.

Lefty Activists Want to Remove First Democratic President from Twenty Dollar Bill


Jackson’s party wants to replace him with a racist eugenicist.

Gulf Countries Feel “Thrown Under the Bus” by Obama’s Iran Deal

Pete Souza, White House

“Who could believe that Netanyahu today has taken a better stand than Obama”

Brooklyn’s Insane Borough President Says Muslims are in Walls of Racism


“Muslim community, this is your Selma.”

Holder Admits Michael Brown Case Based on a Lie, Blames Ferguson

holder sad

This is what it’s like being governed by an administration of compulsive liars

De Blasio Time: Murders Up 20% in New York City


Attack police for doing their jobs and more shootings happen.

Did Obama’s Anti-Netanyahu Campaign Backfire?


“Rather than bashing him, they should have played down his appearance.”

Why Obama and the Media Suddenly Hate Police Body Cameras


The cops like them and Obama’s crooks don’t.

De Blasio to Set Racial Quotas for Museum Staffs, Dance Troupes

de blasio

“We’re not looking to be punitive.”