President of Communist Party Will Continue Working w/Democratic Party


In other news, so will Obama.

The Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Muslim World


Eichmann found support for the Holocaust in the “surahs of your Koran.”

One Voice Boss: We Have To Do Everything in Our Power to Take Down Netanyahu


The orders came from the top.

Holocaust Architect: Christians too Judaized, Greater Truth of Koran On My Side


“Mohammedans whom I have had a strong connection since the days of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem”

Saudi Imam: Columbus Sailed to America to Kill all the Muslims


“The Muslims were there before Columbus and all the others.”

5th American Killed in Libya Because of Obama’s War

david berry

He survived Afghanistan and Iraq, but became a casualty of Obama’s regime change in Libya.

Ex-Muslim Brotherhood Imam: Muslims Hate Christians, are Time Bombs


“Let us admit, without lying to ourselves, that we, the Muslims, are time bombs.”

Did Qatar Free Imprisoned Americans in Exchange for Al Qaeda Terrorist?


Qatar is beginning to blatantly behave like a terrorist group.

Global Warming Is Snowed Out

December 10, 2013 Snowstorm

The snow beat the snow-deniers.

Obama Orders Border Patrol to Offer Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

obama amnesty

Agents were told to see if any immigrants in jail would qualify for amnesty