Only 17% of ObamaCare Exchange Enrollees are Fully Paying for Their Health Care


5 out of 6 million exchange enrollees will receive a federal subsidy.

Saudi “Palestinian” Negotiator Claims His Family Was in Palestine for 9000 Years

erekat liar

Before Huwaitat, their ancestors emigrated from Medina.

Norman Finkelstein Blames Internet for Being Unemployable


“This year, I’m down to two countries. One is Turkey. The other is Iran.”

New York Times Still Pushing Clemency for Weatherman Terrorist Judith Clark


We’re supposed to believe she didn’t know about the gun in her purse

Bill de Blasio Unveils Giant $73.7 Billion Budget

de blasio

Unions are demanding pay raises and back pay that could amount to $7 billion.

Palestinian President-for-Life Will Accept Nothing Less than Destruction of Israel


Each and every one of these red lines blows to pieces anything Kerry was about to propose

Aussie Cops Arrest Muslim Imam for Marrying Off 12-Year-Old Girl


The Muslim cleric had come to Australia on an employment visa

Israeli Musician Releases Protest Song “Hussein of Jerusalem”


It warns Israelis that the Holy City of Jerusalem is being sold out

Facebook Adds “Two Spirit” as a Gender Option


Let me skip to the 56th option; “Two-Spirit”

New York’s Old Anti-Semitic Marxist Gang


There are the faded lefty celebs like Eve Ensler, Anne Roiphe and Erica Jong Alan Alda’s wife.