Jewish Girl Converts to Islam, Begins Getting Bad Grades, Plotting to Kill Parents


Five signs that your formerly Jewish daughter might be about to join ISIS

Future Muslim Prime Minister of UK Joins ISIS Instead


So much for working within the system.

Obama’s New Ebola Czar has No Medical Background


If he’s half as effective as our other Czars, the entire country will get Ebola.

Kerry Tells Muslims that ISIS is the Fault of the Jews


Since ISIS is un-Islamic, it must be Jewish.

Why is ISIS Provoking America? To Humiliate It.


Islamic terrorists don’t understand that America is much harder to humiliate

Yale Chaplain Ousted for Supporting Hamas, Hating Jews, Claims to Have “Jewish Soul”

Mark Oppenheimer

It’s a deeply disconcerting voyage into the twisted mind of the Jewish leftist.

Al Sharpton is Taking the Great Progressive Hope Down w/Him

Reverend Sharpton speaks next to Cardinal Dolan and New York City mayor de Blasio during a news conference after interfaith roundtable meeting in Manhattan

“One used to work for Sharpton, one needs to convince New Yorkers he’s not.”

Rand Paul: Republicans Can’t Win w/o Black Vote


Christie is currently at 13 percent of the black vote against Hillary. Paul is at 15 percent.

Small Businesses to Save 10% w/End of Aussie Carbon Tax


Back in the United States, Al Gore is still pushing a carbon tax.

Terrorism Supporting Grand Mufti Tells Australians Not to Fear Muslims


“I am pleased to stand on the land of jihad.”