Obama is Hiding Iran’s Pursuit of Nuclear Bomb from Americans


Obama has become complicit in Iran’s crimes by conducting this coverup.

Mafia Boss: “Do You Have Any Idea How Much I Make on the Immigrants?


“The interest is to open as many as possible and keep the migrants there.”

Unbroken: Japan Still in Deep Denial Over Cannibalism Against US Soldiers


“The corporal said he saw flesh being cut from prisoners who were still alive.”

Meet “Harassed Hans” the Mascot for Being Offended by Free Speech


“I can’t believe he’s trying to trample on my free speech rights.”

Congressmen Call for Report on Qatar’s Links to Terrorism


This is an important first step.

FBI: Jews 4X More Likely to be Victims of Hate Crimes than Muslims, Less Likely to be Investigated

muslims love jews

60 percent to 13 percent

Dems Outraged at Lack of Outrage from Muslims at Torture Report


Senate Dems need to fake a Koran desecration if they want Muslim outrage.

Harvard Dean of College Rides Naked Man to Prove “Black Lives Matter”


That’s how he much he cares about black people.

Only 32% of White New Yorkers Approve of Radical Left-Wing Mayor Bill de Blasio


One thing whites and blacks do agree on, however, is that the city is on the wrong track:

“What Democrats Really Need is a Massive Resettlement Program.”

obama amnesty

If only there were some sort of program that could “resettle” likely Democratic voters in America.