Jews Who Embrace Their Enemies


The failure to resist terrorism only perpetuates it.

Kerry Voted for Iraq War, Blasts Netanyahu for Supporting Iraq War


Is this Kerry’s roundabout way of accusing himself of bad judgement?

Brooklyn Muslim Terrorist: “Shoot Obama, Then Get Shot, That Will Strike Fear in the Hearts of the Infidels.”


“The defendants violated the true tenants of their faith in pursuit of their radical agenda,” the FBI said.

Majority of White People Don’t Believe Obama Loves America

obama loves america

69% of Republicans do not believe that Obama loves America.

Obama Doesn’t Want an Open Internet, but a Government Regulated Monopoly


With a monopoly and government control, the internet dies.

State Dept Responds to ISIS Kidnapping of Christians by Saying Real Victims are Muslims


Christians kidnapped by ISIS? Remind everyone that the real victims are Muslims.

800 “Palestinians” Involved in Asylum Fraud in Norway

Mahmoud Abbas

400 of these are citizens of Jordan

The Problem with Countering Violent Extremism


A real strategy for fighting terrorism.

Both Global Warming Nobel Prize Winners Accused of Being Sexual Predators


You can’t trust them with your daughter. Why should you trust them with your future?

Keith Olbermann Still Can’t Keep a Job Anywhere


“There are days now when my line of work makes me cry.”