Obama Lied With Every Word


Perpetual falsehoods throughout the entire O’Reilly interview.

Taxi Jihad: New York Muslim Cabbies Kill, Maim and Go on Driving


Drivers with blood on their bumpers can remain active

The Left’s Double Standard on Boycotting Israel and Iran

Pro-Palestinian demonstration to boycott Israel

Boycotting Iran, the left tells us, will lead to war. Boycotting Israel, will lead to peace.

White Democrats Accuse Black IRS Inspector General of Being Pro-Tea Party

Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel Testifies On IRS Practices

Two House Democrats called for an investigation of a federal auditor

“Iran’s Military Fleet is Approaching United States Maritime Borders”: Iranian Fleet Commander

Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN), Ghadir class submarines Iranian Navy Persian Gulf 120-ton Ghadir torpedoes Iranian Navy Submarines Kilo SSI Fateh Nahang Ghadir Yugo (3)

Kerry’s negotiations with Iran are going really well

ObamaCare Architect: “You Don’t Want the Election to be About Obamacare”


Mrs. O’Leary’s cow doesn’t want the election to be about that fire

CAIR Still Trying to Blame Muslim Honor Killing on “American Racism”

The face of Iraqi-American Islamophobia

Shaima Alawadi’s husband beat her to death with a tire iron.

Racist Abortion Liar Claims: “It’s Not Just Women That Get Pregnant”

Still less traumatic than this post

Can liberals please stop the War on Science and the War on Women?

IRS Employee Stole $326,000 through Identity Theft (VIDEO)


Brown obtained the Social Security Numbers without their consent or knowledge

NBC Olympics Coverage Calls USSR “One of Modern History’s Pivotal Experiments”


NBC. Nothing But Communism.