Max Blumenthal Banned from German Parliament After Attack, Blames Jewish Conspiracy


The Vast Jewish Conspiracy doesn’t just run America, it also controls Germany.

Senator Angus King: Exposing ObamaCare Lies Means You Hate Poor People


You don’t support lying? You must be some kind of monster!

Chief Rabbi of Holland Nearly Run Over by Muslims


The Car Jihad is going international.

The Democrats Failed White Voters


Beating up on white women won’t change that.

What Does It Take for a Liberal Hostage to Lose His Illusions About Islam?


They would carve mini-Islamic emirates out of Western countries, as ISIS did in Syria and Iraq

Dem Senators Have to Call MSNBC to Find Out Obama’s Plans


Obama decided that he was made emperor.

Dems Wish Nancy Pelosi Would Listen to Older Men


It’s not like men vote.

Disabled Sandy Victims Told to Give Back Their “Gift From Obama”


Beware big government bearing gifts.

No, Obama Didn’t Join the “Wives Club” at APEC

APEC 2014 big_0 (1)

The scene is awkward because a lot of other leaders brought their spouses and Obama didn’t.

Illinois Death Penalty was Abolished Based on a Lie


They had guns and badges and claimed to be Chicago police officers.