Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Religious Police Hunt Witches on Twitter

I'll get you and your Twitter account too!

Sorcery is no joke in Saudi Arabia

Chris Matthews Still Claiming Benghazi Attack was a Spontaneous Movie Review


If Chris Matthews put on a uniform, he could be Baghdad Bob.

“We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help” (VIDEO)


Obama will help millions of Americans out of a job.

Iran Foreign Minister Denies Opposition to Second Holocaust

Hezbollah Lebanon Nazi Salutes

This is a problem that can only be solved with more diplomacy…

Bill de Blasio to Boycott St. Patrick’s Day Parade

bill de blasio

Organizers predict more than 1 million people will attend

It’s Me vs. Obama for “Islamophobe of the Year”

This Islamophobe may be hard to beat

Globally, I’m up against General Sisi, Francois Hollande and the Bahrain monarchy.

Pakistan Health Minister Caused Worst Outbreak of Hepatitis in US History, Blamed Islamophobia


99 people tested positive for hepatitis C and five people died

Are Hillary’s Insecurities Destroying her Candidacy Again?


Hillary Clinton is repeating the mistakes she made in 2008

ObamaCare Website Partly Built by Communist Dictatorship

Lukasjenko-31 works like a leftover Soviet project because that is what it is.

Hey, Let’s Reduce Heroin Overdoses by Legalizing Heroin


Would Philip Seymour Hoffman have avoided overdosing on heroin if he could have bought it at the local drug store?