Racist Garner Protesters Can’t Decide If They Want White People in Front or Back

garner idiots5

Isn’t diversity awesome?

Holder’s View on Racial Profiling Too Extreme Even for Obama Inc.


The revised rules exempt the TSA and Border Patrol

Did the Conformity of the Left Kill the New Republic?


“Who, after all, was more comfortable than one’s own loyal readers?”

Max Blumenthal: Too Extreme for German Commies, Just Right for the New York Times


The New York Times really has no standards.

What Israeli Elections Mean for Obama

Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu waves to supporters at the Likud party headquarters in Tel Aviv

Obama tried to weaken Netanyahu, but only made him stronger.

Ready for Hillary Already Blew Through $11 Million and is in Debt


You can just imagine what Hillary would do to the national debt.

Obama Releases 2nd in Command of Pakistani Taliban


American soldiers died to bring down the Taliban

Harry Reid Funded Campaign to Elect “Independent” Senator


Dirty Harry’s dirty money didn’t do any good.

Muslim Navy Employee Sold Info on How to Sink Aircraft Carrier


We’re taking the enemy deep within our own system.

You Can’t Spell National Defense w/o a Harriet Tubman Park


Another provision would establish two National Historical Park sites to honor Harriet Tubman