Obama: ISIS a “Fantasy That Can’t Function in the World”


So it’s just like ObamaCare.

Ex-Islamist: Islam Teaches You to Grow Up with Low Self-Esteem… Without the Collective You’re Lost


“Go to your average sociology class and it’s very much about making Muslims victims of Islamophobia.”

Affirmative Action Firefighter Refuses to Fight Fires


“Some civilian will end up injured or killed.”

Dem Loretta “Vietnamese Want My Seat” Sanchez Aims for Senate, Still a Racist


The left refuses to talk about minority racism and tribalism

Saudi Rapist in Colorado Says Sex Offender Program is Against His Religion


Rape however isn’t against his religion.

#BlackLivesMatter Riot Organizers Occupy ACORN Office Demanding Money


Race riots are expensive to organize

New York Times: Death Penalty for Boston Bomber a Blot on Boston

Rolling Stone hardest hit

The ongoing existence of the New York Times is a blot on New York.

No Boots on the Ground: US Forces Execute Raid in Syria


The real problem is that Obama constantly lies

Lack of Hurricanes Attributed to Luck, Not Global Warming


The narrative only associates Global Warming with negative phenomena.

Has “The Nation” Turned into a Putin Propaganda Forum?


Cohen these days is routinely derided as Putin’s “toady” and “useful idiot.”