Halloween Treat – The 10 Most Wicked Witches of the Left

In light of the drubbing that Christine O’Donnell has taken as regards witchcraft, and with Halloween right around the corner, how about a look at some real-life Horrors (note to Jerry Brown: that’s HOR-RORS two syllables, not… well, you know). These are the true Witches of the Left – and they’re a frightening, diabolical bunch. [...]

Leftist Busybodies and Meg Whitman’s Wallet

These days we sometimes see a little nugget of Maggie Thatcher’s brilliance on a sign at a Tea Party event (or at a protest during one of Obama’s recent 92,538 campus visits). Mrs. Thatcher nailed it when she said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” We all [...]

Jim Wallis Toasts the Right: Here’s Wood in Your Eye

The greatest Storyteller of all time once wove a tale about a guy with a big ol’ giant log in his eye. Imagine – an enormous 2×4, just sticking out of his eye socket. But this vision-challenged gentleman wasn’t concerned with the gigantic wooden plank blinding him – he was concerned about the little speck [...]