The Black Caucus War Against Obama – by Dick Morris

Waters Bank Aid

The height of hubris: the left-wing of the Democratic party thinks it can afford to fight itself.

Obamacare Prepares to Slam the States – by Dick Morris


Everyone is going to be hit by the push for socialized medicine

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Trying to obscure the most serious terror attack on US soil since 9/11.

Painting a Bull’s Eye on New York City – by Dick Morris


Obama does al-Qaeda a big, big favor.

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No Congressional Democrat will defy Nancy Pelosi’s rules.

Fort Hood Attack Was Terrorism – By Dick Morris

APTOPIX Mideast Bahrain US Military

But you won’t hear the president say it.

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The Democrats’ Senate leader schemes to shove the public option down America’s throat.

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The medical device industry would not play ball, but will pay the price.

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Iran cons Hillary on nukes.

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Healthcare “reform”: the middle class’s stealth tax increase.