Lies About Republican “Cuts” to the CDC

Agenda Project

The Agenda Project creates an ad falsely claiming that the current Ebola virus scare can be traced to cuts that Republican legislators made to funding for the CDC. But no cuts were ever made. In fact, the CDC budget was increased.

Another Day, Another Susan Rice Lie


Susan Rice falsely tells Meet The Press that the Turkish government has agreed to permit the U.S. and its allies to use Turkish military bases for the purpose of fighting ISIS.

NARAL Pro-Choice America


A closer look at one of the country’s most influential abortion-rights groups.

The Hispanic Federation’s Corrosive Agenda


The Hispanic Federation Federation promotes bloated government bureaucracy, massive public expenditures on social welfare programs, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Cut the Military, Feed the Welfare State


The New Priorities Network calls for massive cuts to U.S. military spending, and billions in additional funding for social welfare programs.

Using Film to Transform Society


Brave New Films produces political documentaries intended to cultivate a nation filled with “socially conscious activists.” 

President Obama & Israel: The Tension Continues

Obama and Netanyahu

The Obama Administration’s condemnation of a proposed Israeli housing project in east Jerusalem is perceived by Benjamin Netanyahu as a public slap-in-the-face.

The Most Important Political Organization You’ve Never Heard Of


As former Justice Department official J. Christian Adams puts it, Catalist enables left-wing political office-seekers to “use new databases to fundamentally transform America.” 

Marxist Murderer Addresses College Grads


Mumia Abu-Jamal, the former Black Panther revolutionary whose principal claim to fame is that he remorselessly fired a bullet into the brain of a young white police officer 33 years ago, delivers a commencement address at his alma mater, Goddard College.

The ACLU’s Radical Founder


A look at the life and times of Roger Baldwin.