Who Is Kathleen Sebelius?


An in-depth look at President Obama’s radical Secretary of Health & Human Services.

The “Head Start” Boondoggle

Head Start

Empirical evidence indicates that this multi-billion-dollar program delivers no measurable, lasting benefits in terms of children’s cognitive, physical, or socio-emotional development.

Diana West vs. FrontPage

The Decline (and Fall?) of a Far Leftist


San Diego mayor Bob Filner, the son of a Communist Party member, spent two decades in Congress compiling a voting record that was the very embodiment of hard leftism. Now his political career is in peril, amid a growing scandal.

The Leftist Worldview of Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

“A black person grows up in this country — and in many places — knowing that racism will be as familiar as salt to the tongue.”

Why Sociology Is a Left-Wing Discipline

ASA image

The American Sociological Association strongly favors government interventions in the economy (rather than free markets); public (as opposed to private) schooling; “discrimination controls” such as affirmative action; and large-scale wealth redistribution.

Obama, Inc. … Now and Forever

CA photo

The team of high-tech number-crunchers that played a crucial role in President Obama’s 2012 re-election, will remain together to affect U.S. politics for a long time to come — thanks to a massive cash investment by Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

Portrait of an Abomination


An in-depth look at the scandals, the lies, and the longstanding extreme radicalism of Attorney General Eric Holder.

This Tax-Exempt Group Had No Trouble at All with the IRS


The very shady Barack H. Obama Foundation received tax-exempt status from the IRS — retroactively, in fact — within just one month of applying.

A Fraudulent “Conservative” Appeal for Immigration Reform


You may have seen or heard the new ads created by Americans for a Conservative Direction, seeking to persuade skeptical conservative and Republican voters to support “comprehensive immigration reform.” But the roots of this group are far from “conservative.”