Really Understanding Obamacare


A concise overview of every vital fact you need to know about this legislative monstrosity.

Grievance Monger Extraordinaire

The Great Divider

Barack Obama has based his entire career on fomenting group-based resentments and thereby energizing his political base. The divisions he seeks to promote are not only those of class, but also of race, ethnicity, and sex.

Radicalizing New York


NYC’s new City Council Speaker has supported the socialist president of Bolivia, the members of a brutal Castro spy ring that infiltrated a U.S. naval base, convicted members of a Marxist-Leninist terror group, and the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement. Now she is the second-most-powerful political figure in New York.

Another Day, Another Radical


President Obama appoints a defender of the cop-killer and former Black Panther, Mumia Abu-Jamal, to a key Justice Department Post.

Packing the Courts with Leftists


Cornelia Pillard supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand; views international law as a legitimate basis for public policy in America; and believes that government should be able to help determine whom churches and religious groups select as their leaders. Now, she is an Obama-appointed judge on America’s second-highest court.

He Knew. He Knew.


It is now beyond dispute: President Obama knew — immediately — that the 9/11/12 murders in Benghazi were the result of a terrorist attack. And then … he and his administration lied, and lied, and lied some more.

Really Understanding Obamacare

Obamacare Image

DiscoverTheNetworks presents an extremely comprehensive, crystal-clear, reader-friendly explanation of Obamacare and its very specific agendas. Now you can fully understand this law and exactly how it will affect all of us.

Dreams of Amnesty

United We Dream

In the interests of “social inclusion and justice,” UWD promotes “the elimination of barriers to higher education” for illegal immigrants.

Death of an Anti-Semite


The Marxist-Leninist poet and professor Amiri Baraka, long known for his virulent hatred of whites and Jews, has died at the age of 79.

Crocodile Tears


Melissa Harris-Perry’s disingenuous apology avoids mentioning that the entire point of her mocking the Romney family photo was to suggest that Republicans are really racists at heart.