Condemning Evil “Inequality”


Chaired by John Podesta, the recently founded Washington Center for Equitable Growth  says that America’s “growing inequality” is potentially disastrous for the country.

A New Proposal for Selecting Judges


Justice At Stake proposes that judges be appointed by “nonpartisan,” “independent” commissions via a process known as “merit selection.”

Voter Fraud: The Hard Proof Is In

Vote Twice

Dealing a devastating blow to Democrat claims that Voter ID laws are unnecessary because voter fraud is exceedingly rare, a new report from the North Carolina State Board of Elections reveals tens of thousands of documented voter-fraud cases that occurred in 2012 alone — just among voters registered in that state.

Maximizing Obamacare Enrollments, by Any Means Necessary

Enroll America

Enroll America, whose mission is to “maximize the number of uninsured Americans” who sign up for Obamacare, was a major presence at a recent Obamacare enrollment fair held by the Mexican government’s consular office in Brownsville, Texas. The event raised concerns about the possibility that illegal immigrants could benefit from it.

Whitewashing Islam & Jihad


University theology lecturer Natana DeLong-Bas  contends that the ultra-fundamentalist Islamic sect known as Wahhabism is compatible with tolerance and modern feminism. She claims that “extremism does not stem from the Islamic religion,” but rather from “the political conditions in the Islamic world, like the Palestinian issue,” that have “added to the Muslim youth’s state of frustration.”

A Leftwing Funder’s Radical Roots


The Barbra Streisand Foundation’s top executive was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society, was trained at Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, helped funnel money to radical groups like ACORN, and once met with PLO chairman Yasser Arafat.

Racism Here, There, & Everywhere


Minneapolis professor Shannon Gibney contends that America is plagued by “structural racism” and “whiteness as a system of oppression.”

Training Tomorrow’s Leftist Leaders


Headed by a bevy of Democratic Party supporters, the New Leaders Council has chapters in 31 communities nationwide.

Hamas Celebrates Its Killing Capacity

Hamas Statue

At a March 10th ceremony in Gaza City, Hamas unveiled a new, full-sized statue of a large M75 rocket. A Hamas official who spoke at the event vowed that in any future confrontation with Israel, his organization will use long-range weapons to target cities in the far north.

The Face of Border Surrender


Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey praises a new DHS edict directing U.S. border patrol officers to do nothing more than meekly retreat and seek cover whenever illegal immigrants attack them with rocks.