Understanding Obamacare


A close look at the content and agendas of President Obama’s signature legislation.

The Obama Scandals


A look at the willful deceit and malfeasance of President Obama and his administration.

Voter Fraud & Voter ID

The Man Behind “Daily Kos”


A look at the worldview and influence of Markos Moulitsas.

ACORN Lives On


Since closing its doors in 2010, the socialist criminal enterprise known as ACORN has rebranded itself under a variety of different names. Today we look at one of these: Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment.

Voter Fraud: A Huge Election-Day Concern

Voter Fraud

A sobering look at the ubiquity of fraud, inaccuracy, and error in elections and the voter-registration process.

Everything You Never Knew About Nancy Pelosi


A close look at the longtime congresswoman’s politics, agendas, and worldview.

America’s “Ebola Czar,” a Longtime Democrat Operative


A look at the politics and career of Ronald Klain.

Lies About Republican “Cuts” to the CDC

Agenda Project

The Agenda Project creates an ad falsely claiming that the current Ebola virus scare can be traced to cuts that Republican legislators made to funding for the CDC. But no cuts were ever made. In fact, the CDC budget was increased.

Another Day, Another Susan Rice Lie


Susan Rice falsely tells Meet The Press that the Turkish government has agreed to permit the U.S. and its allies to use Turkish military bases for the purpose of fighting ISIS.