Understanding Israel: Its History and Threats


An in-depth look at Israel’s history, its right to exist, and the threats it has faced from the many enemies surrounding it.

Islamist Infiltration of the Obama Administration


 A look at the Islamists who have influenced, or have been appointed to positions within, the Obama administration. 

Historians Against America (and Israel)


Historians Against The War views the U.S. and Israel as the world’s chief purveyors of violence and injustice.

Secret Media Group of Obama Lapdogs


Gamechanger Salon consists of “hard-core leftists” whose major objective, from the start, has been “to protect Barack Obama at all costs.”

Understanding Jihad: The Muslim Brotherhood


This ideological ancestor of Hamas, al Qaeda, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad holds the key to understanding the jihadist mindset.

Dem Consultant Sees Republicans As Racists


Democratic Party consultant and campaign manager Donna Brazile has a long history of accusing Republicans of racism.

Emanuel Cleaver: Black Caucus Radical


An in-depth look at the radicalism of the Congressional Black Caucus’s chairman.

Our Race-Baiting Labor Secretary

Thmoas Perez

Thomas Perez does everything in his power to keep alive the notion that America is a racist cesspool.

CIA Director Said Prospect of Caliphate Was “Absurd”


In 2011, CIA Director John Brennan dismissed the threat of “al-Qaeda’s grandiose vision of global domination through a violent Islamic caliphate” as an “absurd … feckless delusion that is never going to happen.” Thus, he explained, “We are not going to elevate these thugs … into something larger than they really are.”

Obama’s Radical Allies