The Left’s War on Minorities, the Poor, & Working Americans

Detroit Area Economy Worsens As Big Three Automakers Face Dire Crisis

Paving the road to hell, with intentions good and bad.

The Left’s War on Minorities & the Poor

Erasing America’s Southern Border, One Step at a Time


The Migration Policy Institute  rejects “absolute notions of [national] sovereignty”; calls for “gradually disappearing border controls”; and favors massive public spending on the needs of low-income immigrants.

The Left’s Self-Satisfied Obsession with Race


  “As a black person it’s always racial,” says entertainer Jamie Foxx, resentful of having to act “white” for several hours each day at work.

Bringing “Class War” into the Open


  A new pro-Democratic initiative strongly advises left-wing political candidates to engage in “class war” in order “to win the who’s-side-are-you-on battle” in the eyes of the voting public.

Andrew Hurwitz


He supports racial preferences, takes a soft approach to crime, and unequivocally supports the right to abortion-on-demand. In short, he is well suited to serve as an Obama-appointed federal judge.

It Isn’t Just the Supreme Court


President Obama is quietly “fundamentally transforming” the federal court system by appointing far-left activist judges like David Hamilton. Most of them are likely remain on the bench for many years.

Rock The Vote


How the Left uses the “cool” and “swagger” of music and pop-culture icons to capture the support of young, ininformed voters.

Where “Global Warming” Meets Anti-Capitalism


Global warming alarmist Jeremy Rifkin calls for the transformation of free-market capitalism into “distributed capitalism.”

Obama’s Chief Messenger


When needing to put a spin on its various activities and scandals, the Obama administration inevitably turns to Stephanie Cutter.