Attorney General Loretta Lynch


A look at the worldview and career of President Obama’s nominee to succeed Eric Holder.

Sojourners and the Religious Left


Professing a devotion to “social justice” that can “transform” the world, Sojourners favors amnesty for illegal immigrants, government-enforced wealth redistribution, and an end to American “hypocrisy,” “dishonesty,” and “unaccountable power.”  

Understanding Obamacare


A close look at the content and agendas of President Obama’s signature legislation.

The Obama Scandals


A look at the willful deceit and malfeasance of President Obama and his administration.

Voter Fraud & Voter ID

The Man Behind “Daily Kos”


A look at the worldview and influence of Markos Moulitsas.

ACORN Lives On


Since closing its doors in 2010, the socialist criminal enterprise known as ACORN has rebranded itself under a variety of different names. Today we look at one of these: Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment.

Voter Fraud: A Huge Election-Day Concern

Voter Fraud

A sobering look at the ubiquity of fraud, inaccuracy, and error in elections and the voter-registration process.

Everything You Never Knew About Nancy Pelosi


A close look at the longtime congresswoman’s politics, agendas, and worldview.

America’s “Ebola Czar,” a Longtime Democrat Operative


A look at the politics and career of Ronald Klain.