Anti-Intellectualism and the Marxist Idea

I had a brief exchange the other day with Brendan of BJKeefe blog. I don’t normally go over there, but his link showed up in my Sitemeter and I found a post suggesting that someone should “take the shovel away from Donald Douglas.” Brendan apparently thinks leftist demonization is a barrel of monkeys, and as [...]

No Mosque at Ground Zero: September 11, 2010

See the full report: “Faith, Freedom, and Memory: Report From Ground Zero, September 11, 2010.” I took hundreds of pictures. I’m still going through them, and will post more later. It’s hard to describe just how meaningful it was for me to travel to New York to cover the event on my blog, but mostly [...]

Antiwar Groups Battle for Survival?

Actually, no. See, “The Myth of the Struggling Antiwar Movement.” The old-fashioned understanding of the “antiwar” movement hardly explains the left’s anti-everything protest agenda nowadays. But wouldn’t you know it, the folks at Politico played right into the sweaty palms of America’s domestic enemies with its whitewash of a report: “Anti-war groups battle for survival” [...]

The Absolution of Barack Obama

Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter just doesn’t get it. See, “‘The Illustrated Man’.” Obama’s certainly socialist — or neo-socialist, as Jonah Goldberg has explained — and that’s to say nothing of “terror-coddling.” Our maddening times demand that the truth be forthrightly stated at the outset, and not just that the president has nothing in common with the [...]

New Yorkers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque by Two-Thirds Margin

Astute Bloggers has the scoop, and it is big. See New York Times, “New York Poll Finds Wariness About Muslim Center.” (And click the image for the full survey.) The most amazing thing here to me is that a full 69 percent of those polled approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance, but an almost [...]

Nation’s Capital ‘Jammed With Freedom Loving Patriots’

Tweets Amanda Carpenter: More photos at Instapundit and Weasel Zippers. Michelle will be linking pics throughout the day, and she has this: We’re hearing a lot about people criticizing the timing of the event, calling it insensitive for having the rally on the anniversary of Dr. King’s speech — but since most of this criticism [...]

Journalistic Malpractice: Time Magazine, ‘Does America Have a Muslim Problem?’

I’ve not published anything about the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, simply because I’m still trying to think about it in a detached and objective manner. As a strong proponent of religious liberty, I can see the reasonableness of the pro-Mosque position. But as someone who will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001 — [...]

Daisy Khan: Moving Islamic Center ‘Not’ On the Table for Now

Amazingly, today’s the first time I’ve actually tuned into “This Week” since Christiane Amanpour took over. I’ve watched video clips. But today I clicked on the tube right at 8:00am. The Karzai interview wasn’t so interesting. HE’S not interesting, I guess. I’m tired of him being in charge in Afghanistan and I just can’t help [...]

Once More From New York Times (Sigh): ‘U.S. Anti-Islam Protest Seen as Lift for Extremists’

Yep, from the same paper that repeatedly aids and abets global jihad, now we’re told that Ground Zero Mosque opponents are “lifting extremists.” This is truly perverted: Some counterterrorism experts say the anti-Muslim sentiment that has saturated the airwaves and blogs in the debate over plans for an Islamic center near ground zero in Lower [...]

When Defeat is the Answer – by Donald Douglas


International ANSWER roots for American defeat in Afghanistan.