Matthew Yglesias of Think Progress: Unrepentant stealth agitprop for Obama ‘08

So what do you do when you’re known as a responsible journalist, a trusted gate-keeper of information to the public, and some knuckle-dragging conservative colleague exposes you for what you really are: a political operative who conspires with other sham journalists to mold information into a vote-yielding commodity — measured and packaged into little lefty [...]

America’s Sweetheart Meg Ryan: Anti-Semite or Useful Idiot?

Meg Ryan’s decision not to grace the Jerusalem Film Festival with her presence this month had a double effect: It registered her disapproval toward the Israelis for thwarting Hamas’ efforts to kill them, and secured her position in the ever-growing club of self-satisfied Western artists making asses of themselves. And I would wager nobody is [...]

The Dodd-Frank Solution to a Drowning Economy? A Cement Life Preserver

Nowhere but Washington would the same control-freak clowns that pushed the economy down a well be put in charge of its rescue. But here we are, treading water and looking upward in horror as Barney Frank (D-MA), Chris Dodd (D-CT), and Maxine Waters (D-CA) dangle our supposed salvation: a cement life preserver filled with the same [...]

Fourth of July statement from Planned Parenthood: Not enough abortions on military bases

Independence Day is a time to reflect on the blessings of being an American, as outlined in our founding documents and preserved ever since. And if you believe Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, that includes a soldier’s inalienable right to unfettered, consequence-free hook-ups at the base bar.
Knowing that abortion and irresponsible sexual behavior are co-dependent, Richards [...]

Economic Recovery: Not Happening Until Spendaholic Obama Admits He Has a Problem

Lately the United States and Europe have been big-time party animals, and unchecked counterfeiting, confiscating, and wealth-spreading was their drug of choice. At least until the Europeans woke up with a roaring hangover in the smelly gutter known as Rock Bottom.
That’s why last week’s G20 summit in Toronto reminded me of the 1962 movie, [...]

Is Alan Grayson-stein Creating Fake Tea Party Zombies to Skew the Election?

Everyone knows Alan Grayson’s opinion of conservatives, and it’s not pretty. Heck, everyone knows Alan Grayson’s opinions about everything, and they’re deeply disturbing. But if Grayson wants to be re-elected this November, he must concern himself with his constituents’ opinion of him. And many are sick of their district being associated with this volatile, boorish, [...]

Turkey to Israel: Watch Your Attitude

Ever since a ship filled with Turkish terrorists tried to enter an Israeli military zone to forge a permanent conduit for Jew-killing missiles to Hamas, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutogu, have broken the world record for running, jumping, and pole-vaulting-off-the-charts gall.
They were Turkish terrorists – sworn to help Hamas [...]

Freedom Flotilla’s Goal: Help Hamas attack Israel

The “Freedom Flotilla’s” quest to run the Israeli blockade at Gaza on Thursday might be gussied up with noble-sounding words and images, but anyone with a nose can tell it’s just another rancid propaganda sausage for the puppy-dogs of anti-Semitic world opinion. I just hope they make them sit up and beg first.
Never mind, that [...]

Obamacare budget funds a plague of bureaucrats and voter manipulation

Imagine that. Apparently President Obama goofed when he said universal healthcare costs less than zero. So said the Congressional Budget Office last week when they added a couple hundred billion to the bill for “administrative costs” and “discretionary programs.”
Oh well. Everyone makes mistakes. The grandchildren will understand.
These expenses weren’t included in the much-touted “deficit-reducing” Obamacare [...]

Why Does the Left Want Immigrants to Hate America?

Film Critic Roger Ebert’s now-infamous attack on five California students disciplined for wearing patriotic clothing on Cinco de Mayo, is a classic in the annals of leftist debate technique: Silence your opponent by strangling an argument into a stultifying mass of reason-killing sophistry.
Take Ebert’s statement: “Kids who wear American flag T-shirts on 5 May should [...]