NRB’s Phyllis Chesler on BlogTalkRadio Tonight

Dr. Phyllis Chesler joins BettyJean Kling on BlogTalkRadio tonight to talk about gender apartheid, honor killings, the burqa and the western faux feminist failure to address these major issues.
Tune in to the Free Us Now Radio Show at 10 p.m. ET on W…

Tammy Bruce: “It’s a Very Sad Day for Mama Ewoks”

Tammy Bruce takes on the unintentionally hilarious new anti-Palin video put out by the progressive PAC EMILY’s List: Calling all Mama Grizzlies! Ewokie’s List finally came out with their ‘attack’ on Sarah Palin. And let me just say, it’s a very sad day for Mama Ewoks. Or for people who dress up in bear suits. [...]

A Survivor’s Heartbreaking Account of Female Genital Mutilation

Screenwriter Soraya Miré recently shared this bone-chilling account of her personal experience with female genital mutilation in the comments of a NewsReal post about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ support for FGM in America:
Seriously…the pain and torture of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) will certainly tear a child’s heart like a ripped cloth! As a Somali-American, [...]

Sarah Palin: Trigg is Mine and So Are My Boobs

Sarah Palin deflated the odious “boobgate” rumor Friday night when she told Greta Van Susteren:
No, I have not had implants. I can’t believe, yes, that we’re even talking about this. I think a report like that is about as real and truthful as those reports that Todd and I are divorcing or that I bought [...]

Success! American Academy of Pediatrics Shamed into Reversal of Female Genital Mutilation Policy

The New York Times reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics has been forced to backpedal on its revolting embrace of female genital mutilation:
The American Academy of Pediatrics has reversed its decision last month regarding the practice of female circumcision by immigrants from some African, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. The academy had suggested [...]

Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q. Public Discuss the Feminist Hawks’ Nest on Smart Girl Report

Jenn Q. Public and Lori Ziganto appeared on the Smart Girl Report to discuss the Feminist Hawks’ Nest.

Phyllis Chesler at NewsReal Blog: Mama Hawk Joins the Nest

The Godmother of the Feminist Hawk movement, the inimitable Dr. Phyllis Chesler, made her debut at NewsReal Blog this week. She wrote about the banning of the burqa and Islamic censorship.
Dr. Chesler has expanded her post for her Chesler Chronicles blog at Pajamas Media. Please be sure and check it out.
I’m thrilled to report that [...]

Now You Can Show You’re A Feminist Hawk Too

My shooting partner, NRB’s assistant managing editor Karen Northon, has really hit the bulls eye this time. (And I thought she couldn’t top herself after creating the amazing banners for NRB’s new sub-blogs!) Above you’ll find the blog badge that she made featuring me and promoting The Feminist Hawks’ Nest.
Now you too can show your support [...]

You Can Put Lipstick (and Clairol Golden Blonde #71) on a Jihadist, but She’s Still a Jihadist

Colleen LaRose was a high school dropout who was 16 when she married a man twice her age.  She was “the weird, weird, weird lady who lived across the hall” and talked to her cats.  She attempted suicide five years ago, allegedly wrote bad checks, drove drunk, and was divorced twice.
Surely one of those things [...]

Surprise, Surprise, the US Chooses Islam Apologist Asifa Quraishi over Feminist Hawk Ayaan Hirsi Ali for Women’s Rights Commission

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a courageous freedom fighter, a true Feminist Hawk who lives under threat of death for her fierce opposition to Islamic subjugation of women.
Asifa Quraishi is a University of Wisconsin law professor who publicly insulted Hirsi Ali’s integrity last month by accusing her of highlighting cherry-picked portions of Islamic law that portray [...]