Battling ObamaCare


The fight over the health care overhaul bill heats up. Is repeal within reach?

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Obama’s Financial Reform Failure


Time to foreclose on the sub-prime housing giants, yet Obama bails them out instead.

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Blood on Obama’s Hands


How the administration’s incompetence causes needless American casualties in Afghanistan.

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Obama’s Dangerous Expedition


The administration’s debt commission unleashes a new path of destruction.

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ObamaCare: Is Repeal Within Reach?


Will new taxes and regulations doom the health care overhaul?

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Duck-and-Run Obama – by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown


The Obama White House has become like a bad reality TV show.

The Con Artists of Climategate – by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown


The liars behind global warming.

Obama’s Rose-Colored Glasses – by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown


How will the administration protect us against terrorism if it denies the reality of Ft. Hood?

Obama’s War on FOX – by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown


The President drags the Oval Office into the mud.

The Hidden Costs of ObamaCare – by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown


Why aren’t we allowed to know the cost beforehand?