Jihad’s Child Suicide Bombers


The Taliban’s spring offensive begins with the suicide bombing of a 12-year-old boy.

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U.S. and Pakistan: Sleeping with the Enemy


The game is up of fantasizing about a loyal ally.

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The Mullahs’ Eyes on Iraq


The specter of U.S. troop withdrawal has the Islamic Republic counting down the days.

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Al-Qaeda: Staying Alive


The terror group releases a new video revealing that it is down, but not out.

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The Coming Egyptian-Iranian Romance


Egypt seeks to re-establish full diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic.

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Syrian Regime: Safe for Now


Why friends and foes alike want the embattled president to remain in power.

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Mubarak’s Party Still in the Game


The ousted Egyptian ruling party is down but not out.

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The Mullahs’ Denial


Iran can’t disguise its growing menace.

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Bahrain’s Reckoning

Mideast Bahrain Protests

The stage is set for a renewed confrontation between the regime and opposition forces.

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Iran’s Helping Hand to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda


A captured Taliban commander confesses the dark role of the Islamic Republic.

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