The Last Days of Yemen’s Despot


Ali Abdullah Saleh tries to blame America and Israel but his end is near.

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Syrian Muscle Flexing


While most Arab nations remain preoccupied by internal uprisings, Syria focuses on expanding its power with an assist from Iran.

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The Islamic Republic of Libya?


A takeover of a Libyan port city by an Islamist terror group raises an ominous possibility.

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Cracks in the Kingdom


The Saudi regime may be more vulnerable to uprisings than originally believed.

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Terror in Sinai


The Muslim Brotherhood casts its net of terror into the Sinai Peninsula.

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Iran’s Deadly Intimidation


Fearful of the Middle East’s growing unrest, Iran’s despots increase executions to intimidate internal dissent.

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Al-Qaeda Grows in Gaza


Egypt becomes the first Arab country to publicly confirm al-Qaeda’s presence in Gaza.

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The Return of Moqtada Al-Sadr


What the reappearance of the anti-American cleric means for Iraq’s fragile democracy.

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Obama Rewards Syrian Terrorism


The administration reaches out to the puppet-master of Hezbollah.

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Al Qaeda’s New Stronghold


Terror networks in Yemen now poses the greatest threat to the U.S.

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